age GAP

A grandmother of 75 has stunned family, friends and her local village by setting up home with an African toyboy a THIRD her age. Widow Angela McKimm has flown her 25-year-old lover, known as Tosin, to Britain to live with her after falling for him on a trip to Gambia.

Now they live in her huge £1million house in the sleepy village of Buriton near Petersfield, Hants. Mum-of-four Angela met Tosin in 2002 and spent £5,200 on flights to visit him before he was finally allowed into Britain in February after three High Court appeals. Until then he slept on the floor of a hut he shared in West Africa with his mum, sister, her husband and their baby. He ate chicken and rice for most meals. Now he enjoys the run of her eight-bedroom home and eats what he likes.

Angela chauffeurs him to and from college in a new silver Ford Focus. Her granddaughter Sophie, 19, spilled the beans about the relationship. She said: “I wouldn’t call what Grandma and Tosin have love. I’d say it was an agreement of companionship. “She says it’s only society that has made the age gap wrong, but I know I wouldn’t find a man of 69 attractive — or consider dating, or having sexual intercourse with him. “The relationship certainly isn’t conventional and it has ruined the portrait we had of ourselves as a typical middle-class family — but who wants to fit the Government specification?” Sophie said her gran and grandad used to travel a lot until he died ten years ago. Her gran continued the habit, visiting Gambia where she fell for Tosin. Sophie added: “When she came back she seemed so happy. She seemed to have got back some of her youthful spirit. “She met Tosin as she walked through a market where he had a stall selling carpentry goods.

“Her 5ft 8in slim shape, immaculate dress and straight mid-length white hair made her a head-turner. “They spent the day together walking, talking, and laughing. The next day she flew back to Britain.” Angela returned two years later. The pair hit it off again and checked into a hotel. She made several trips as formal proceedings rumbled on to try to secure Tosin legal entry to Britain. Sophie added: “Now they’re together they have settled into a pattern of life.” Villagers yesterday told of their surprise at the relationship. A neighbour said: “I’d assumed he was a lodger or an exchange student.” Angela would say only: “Without a doubt my reputation has been destroyed, and sadly it has been by my granddaughter.” – The Sun, London

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20 Responses to age GAP

  1. Half 'n' Half says:

    Sigh! romantic!

    Huh? 🙂

  2. jamvi says:

    The Gambian dude is smart college green card million pound house which could be his in a few years, hehe this grany seriously wants to get her groove back. Lets wait and see

    I know someone who married an old dude, hoping that he would kick the bucket in afew…eeeh he had nine lives that one!

  3. aegeus says:

    Where do i find me one of those! I want! I want! 🙂

    Where is Mrs A?

  4. Inexes says:

    Granny is buying some…! No probie there

    eeer lets forget gran…what did u say abt my team again? 😉

  5. Klara says:

    How granny Got His Groove back!! So Interestin!!

    ummm what groove? 🙂

  6. Mrs A says:

    (rolls ont he floor wailing )
    Why cant I be this lucky ?? I too want a rich geriatric rich geezer with one foot in the grave, whos willing to do the same for me !!!

    Notes to self – will start cruising near upscale nursing homes – wrinkly old man here I come !

    Mzee A, look at this as not me cheating on you, but rather me expanding my horizons for the betterment of our financial needs…

    you both hanyaing so its cool then…Mr A is looking for some rich granny too!

  7. aegeus says:

    Si you jua these days Viagra is rife? Hata Heff ana zake! Utakiona! Na you should consider yourself dismissed! Ati you told me money is not an issue? **runs off crying back to his dusty hut**

  8. Mrs A says:

    Bwana…when I said geriatric with one foot int he grave, I meant literally…to the point where the geezer cnt have sex…its not an option for him but a requirement not to… due to health reasons and also strict doctore orders.

    Basically it boils down to this for my sought after geriatric….he nuts…he dies…. most I can do with him would be me flashin my nyoos ( one at a time ) and I have to pre warn him so he doesnt get suprised and then goes into seizure.

    So manenos of Viagra are completely out of the question for him. Still want that seven forty fizzae bwana ???

  9. Kirima says:

    Funny! I should be disgusted by that story but for some weird reason I am admiring Tosin for his guts and foresight.


  10. mwangi says:

    Way to go 🙂


  11. Princess says:


    I know!

  12. Half 'n' Half says:

    It is romatic for the granny! how many 75 year old grannie can get it on, let alone with a twedie fae!

    not something I can imagine

  13. bomseh says:

    I like Tosin and our very own Mbugua. Takes guts and I must say that kazi ni kazi. Wira ni wira. Some jobs like Tosin’s are hard and working environment is worse.

    what you smoking dude?

  14. Nakeel says:

    Ok and so they keep the pace?
    @Methu spend sometime in Malindi Watamu and Wasini you wont miss. Mrs A didnt say that.

  15. Stephen Bess says:

    I’ve seen a few women over 55 who were attractive. I don’t know if I could seriously date them when I was single, but there’s nothing wrong with a nice pleasant evening. Besides, the conversation is probably more interesting. 🙂

  16. mwangi says:


  17. In Exxess says:


  18. Archer says:

    Now that right thurr is a sharp young man!! How else was he to get out of his current life situation?

    @Mrs A: yaani you ditch me unceremoniously, elope with Mzee, then you dog on his diabz with a geriatric….? Farmgal, this woman needs prayers. Ebu do hivyo!

  19. acolyte says:

    I thought I commented on this, damn you WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Andycome says:

    Romantic for the granny, how many 75 year old grannie can get it on? The answer is everyone if he/she want to enjoy this age gap relationship. I know a good site serves for this relationship-older woman and younger man or younger woman and older man. This age difference romance often happens at this place.

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