RuGby seVens

Ok maybe not, but am going to the sevens at Twickenham, London on 26th May…

1. Am somewhat an introvert…I can easily zone out people despite them being in the same room. I crave to be alone at times even when I have family visiting. I’m not an extreme introvert though but I really do enjoy my own company!

2. I have huge issues with spelling and yet am not daft. I will use primary school English if i can’t work out how to spell a particular word. I know we have google and other search engines but you know there’re time one cant just be bothered!

3. I have been sexually and emotionally abused. I’m a victim of domestic violence. Been meaning to blog about this for along time but havent had the guts to. I dont know if its wise to put this here but tiz life! I might as well do the post I wanted to do on domestic violence…..its somehwere edited and ready to go up.

4. I have been single the bigger part of my life and before go and ask, I believe in love.

5. I’m not and have never been broody all my life! I don’t know if I’ll ever have kids although am a very caring person. people say I should have made up my mind by now. I heard that at 344yrs you can still have…sorry 34yrs you can still have healthy kids. …there’s still some hope left for me then!

6. I’m both a tomboy and a girly girl. I dont care for fashion, makeup, shoes or handbags sooooo much! Having said that I try my best to doll up before I go out. My sister thinks am a bad dresser…I agree but please no one say anything…

7. Am divorced..see 3

bonus 8 I’m like Job..very patient…..

I would like to tagg dยฎ and the dishwasher his mate also Jesse (kenyan analyst) and Alpha Quadrant (Josiah)

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36 Responses to RuGby seVens

  1. mwangi says:

    Fao !!

    Lemme read …

    Getting used to being first, eh?

  2. 3N says:

    Pole sana dear for what you have gone through. I would advise you to share only if you feel a need to โ€˜let goโ€™ and you are comfortable with support, critique and advise from bloggers.
    4. me too
    6. you still have enough to get a child, just be patient and make sure you are in the right situation.

    on number 4 me too believe in love or you been single along time..:)

    thanks for the kind words

  3. egm says:

    Pole sana bout #3 & #7. You are strong to have overcome that.

    #6 Ati bad dresser na vile you had jivaad during meetup? Haiya, then I’d like to see you when you’ve dressed superbly!

    #8 I am patient on certain things, but very impatient on others (such as trying to teach someone something).

    I see my bad dresser bit is not me when you see me on a daily basis you will know

  4. mwangi says:

    Very interesting … and emotional 7… I hope you are better … as for the spelling, si neno …

    Have been for a while now and am all good..actually good as new! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. aegeus says:

    Mwangi even here?!

    (((((((farmgal)))))))) Thanks for sharing.

    Makes you ever more sweet according to me! There are very few of gems like you out there. – and that is straight from here **points in the region of his chest where he believes his heart may reside**

    you always spoil me with your kind words..many thanks

  6. Phassie says:

    #3: That has happened to me twice. And the unfortunate this is that, I did not the people. I feel your pain. It is the worst experience ever. I will pray for you.

    #1: I crave to be alone too, especially when I have just had it with people, and that I why I love living solo. I would rather struggle with the bills rather than deal with someone who will not understand me for sh**.



    Some peeps would love to understand but they just dont know to deal with some they’ll shut you out lakini am sure sio kwa ubaya!

    so sorry about that…I feel when one opens up its easier…been difficult to say anything to anyone….if one hasnt been thru some stuff its difficult for them to understand.

  7. udi says:

    We need to get that toi soon my dear. how about next year? ebu kwanza shtua me on the cellie sometime. coz ur number is mteja

    pole about being mteja …you got mail!

  8. mamashady says:

    #3woi, pole sana. what to say,heh, but i pray that life only gets better for you!#5, they say it hits people randomly , i.e. the broodiness, but anyway, if God wants you to have kids then you will, but if it aint your thing then leave it at that.#6, heh, how i feel you on this. lakini my best efforts….eh, usually dont work out as Mum is the complete opposite, she does her thang fashion wise, then looks at me and wonders.#8, good one!like egm, im patient a lot of the time, but not at all in other situatioms

    good to see am not the only fashion challenged here…as for the kids …there’s always adopting and there’s still time

  9. Bomseh says:

    I am beginning #4 now.
    On spelliing, don’t worry. Mamashady is helping with your situatioM.

    #3, pole sana. No words. Yaani you are strong. You should talk about it sometime when you feel comfortable.
    @ Udi, not too fast, I’m the one who wants the toi more than you. Dear, how about immediately? Osmosis works!

    I see there many donors out here…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks my dear

  10. acolyte says:

    # 3 – Pole sana, I am sure that you will be able to share in due time be it on or off-line.
    #5-I guess there is a gal somewhere who has your share of broodiness but I can see you have many suitors for whenever you decide you want to make farmgals and farmboys!

    Will share in due time…
    I see suitors popping from left right and center…kbWers are so kind!!

  11. bankelele says:

    Wow those are some true sevens revelations, making my list look superficial by comparison.

    But I disagree with your (6)

    ata wewe you diagree..hehehe
    Everyone’s seVens is special …I thought I might as well overshare

  12. Komi says:

    #3 I feel you and I’m very sorry…I have never been married and it could be because I grew up in a very violent environment. I think sharing is healthy but do it only when you are comfortable.

    thanks sweet komi…and if I may ask are you still not blogging?

  13. Milo says:

    You are very strong to have put this out there. Head up fgal…

    i dont know if strong is the right word..but i felt its about time!

  14. prou says:

    pole sana with #3. You are very brave to put it here.(((((((fgal))))))))

    Ati you can have kids at 344 that’s news to me.#5 I think there is no hurry and if you opt not to that is also OK.
    Now please do a post on your “bad dressing” as described by your sister.And while at it throw some patience my way I sorely need it.

    You’d have to live or see me on a daily to see what I mean on the dressing bit!
    lol 344 was a typo so i thought let me go along with it!

  15. Lioness says:

    We have alot in common (1, 3, 6, 7!). All these things issues are lessons we learn from, get up, dust ourselves up and move on! Congratulations girl, the things that others are yet to go through, you have been through already hence you’re 1. stronger 2. wiser 3. calmer 4. more careful … Need I go on? By the way, I did get my son at 32. Up to 40, you can still get healthy children – NEVER put limitations on your abilities.

    I knew there is hope after a certain age…mpaka forty ..the ceiling keeps rising!
    Thanks for encouraging me …and sorry about what you went through!

  16. modoathii says:

    welcome to bad dressers club…

    seems you’ve been through a lot, yet you still stand firm…STRONG! i’m inspired!

    Thanks modo..
    ehh ati you a bad dresser…

  17. inexes says:

    Shoulder….. yes?

    Pole sana about no. 3! makes me hate my gender!

    Now that dressing hapo no. 6 – i think you r a natural beauty & thus no need for makeup, right?

    weeee makeup lazima though i dont wear lots of it.
    Dont hate your gender woishe …as long as you treat women right and discouraged violence against women…we’re good!

  18. Klara says:

    No 3 & 7..Pole sana..But I know u have now moved on..Do the post dear sometimes talkin about it helps!
    N0.5..Dont hurry with da decision, I believe u will make da right choice somehow!
    n it’s good u r patient!

    thanks my dear ..will do the post in due time!

  19. Komi says:

    Mwangi and pretty made so much noise I had to come back ๐Ÿ™‚
    And you’re most welcome.

  20. Kirima says:

    You sound very strong indeed to have gone through all that and still share with us.
    Have been single for a while now but I definately still believe in love
    Keep on being Patient.
    I am very envious of you, being able to to watch rugby at the Hallowed grounds of Twickenham. Oh how I wish I was worthy of such delights!

  21. Mocha! says:

    Cheers for the call….see you on the 26th (check blog)

    #1….me too!

    #3…me too but not to your extent. Its not easy to talk about it, but glad you are out of the situation.

    #6…i thought i was alone on this. Kumbe tuko wengi.

    most def see you on 26th..wil be looking out for the chica with a camera!
    Tuko wengi hapa kbw!

  22. archer says:

    I’m an introvert too! There are those times when you’d just rather be by yourself.

    Unfortunately, I can’t stand seeing spelling mistakes and typos. They irritate me to no ends. That’s as a result of having handwriting and spelling classes till Std 8!!

    Pole, pole pole sana. ((((((((((Farmgal))))))))))

    Ati 344? Wacha mchezo! You’re still spring chicken so when the need arises you’ll be sorted.

    Looks like most bloggers are introverts ama they just love the company of a pc too much?

  23. Mocha! says:

    Farmgal….the tees are coming back this year. So rehe besha!

    Will scope them on the day…just afew more days to go!

  24. Chatterly says:

    pole about # 3 ((((farmgal))))

    Thanks girl!

  25. betty says:

    2. Oh God thats just me..i never spell anything right , huge spelling issues i have too! and i know we arent daft!!. might be the hardest thing but you can do it..i kinda have some dark secrets in my life about such issues too..waiting for your post, might give me some courage too.((huuug))
    8.Patience is a virtue ๐Ÿ™‚

    there’s safety in numbers eh?
    I say blog when you’re ready…see the way this bloggers are kind hearted…

  26. Dshy says:

    I find it truly amazing and inspiring that even after what you went through, that you still believe in love. I cannot tell you how humbling that is. ((Farmgal))

    Incidentally, I had a discussion with a few African nurses and was shocked at the stories of domestic violence told/presented to them from African women. It would appear that it is prevalent in the UK, moreso worse than in Africa because of the brutality used ( did you see that Zimbabwean lady who had her left eye blinded by a remote?). I think men (and I am not saying that this was the case in your situation) but I find that men are taking advantage of the fact that women do not have the support system they would have if they lived at home. As if that isn’t enough, you have to factor in the shame/condemnation/isolation that women face if they speak out.

    So it is because of this that I applaud your decision to blog about what you went through because part of the injury of domestic abuse comes from the subsequent devaluation of the experience โ€“ the usual questions of why did you allow it to happen, or people wanting all the gory details of how, when and why etc etc so it is comes as no surprise that women are not keen to talk about it.

    Sorry to blog on your blog but domestic abuse angers and frustrates me because so little is being done to stop it.

    On a lighter note โ€“ lol @ half tom boy/half girlie girl. I am the ultimate girlie girl. One time when I was in unifasity (uni) I had a fiver between me and poverty, so on my way to Tescos I happened to see that the Boots opposite was having a sale on cosmetics, so I decided to go see. Lets just say that I didnโ€™t eat for three days but for sure I had the glossiest, shiniest lips on campus.

    Its an experience I wish on no one…its the most shameful although am still to understand why a woman should feel shame. Ok maybe I do but trust me I’d rather the shame any day!
    Now worries about blogging here…feelanga free
    While we’re here …if you live in uk..are you going for rugby! I guarantee you’l lhave the time of your life!

  27. Half n Half says:

    Kwani I was asleep!

    I have worked with survivors of VAW and I MUST applaud you for the courage it took!

    He he he at the half tom boy/girl thing maybe we can share my name!

    Now I get you..half and half or maybe not..put me straight dear…

  28. Half n Half says:

    I feel nothing for rugby so Jienjoi kama baba jimmy

    Actually its nothing to do with rugby for most of us…its the cheering..aki the noise kenyans can make! You would have to see to believe!

  29. 3N says:

    farmgal, I believe in both being single for a long time and still finding true love

    tume elewana basi!

  30. bantutu says:

    Lastieeeessss!!! Yeiiii!! At least am getting good at somthing…
    Ebu ebu indulge me a bit…
    Kuja apa….Look hukoooooo!!! You see the light? Ati no?
    Look mzuri…Paleeeee!! Umeona? Sawa…The worst is behind….we’re headed for them lights…

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face…and yes I see the light!

  31. shiz says:

    farmgal pole at #3. I’ve been thro the same. I did a post a while back. Do it when you are ready. Hugs

    Shiz i read your comment at Dorothy’s when that lady was killed…it gave me strength. In many ways i feel that your eperience matches mine to a T. thanks once again!

  32. Princess says:

    Pole about 3 and 7!!!

  33. mwariwadavid says:

    I am coming in shamelessly late but here i am …

    Thanks for sharing
    your list paints a different picture from the person i envisioned you to be(thought you were much younger…)

    Sad to hear about #3 and good that you did #7. You are brave and a very positive person. All the best in the days to come!

  34. KA says:

    Thanks for sharing. Will respond to your tag kesho afte / jioni. For now, gotta rejoice with the Blues in their triumph (though am a Gunner ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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  36. savvy says:

    Babies can be had at any age! Even if you are 344.. thanks to science!

    I am also a bad dresser, and yes I love going to games: football, rugby coz of the atmosphere in the stadium, it’s electric!!

    Sorry about #3&7, but from what I read here it’s behind you now!

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