Thank you Lord

For something I’ve been praying about.

Chelsea, thank u too!

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13 Responses to Thank you Lord

  1. KA says:

    Mwathani agocwo!

  2. mamashady says:

    glad things worked out!as for chelsea…i hardly watch football.

  3. inexes says:

    For now since things are cool btn us & i dont want to start domez again, i’ll keep my big mouth SHUT 🙂

  4. Nakeel says:

    Happy for you it went well.
    Chelski saweni tu

  5. Mocha! says:

    NGOMONGO NYINYI…..I want to see those pics of you being a hooligan.

    Aki I was in a bad mood on Sato, my pal was just chekaing and rubbing it off with ‘Its only a game’. Aki now I know how a team feels when it loses. 😦

  6. archer says:


    That’s all that matters!!

  7. 3N says:

    thank you archer, at least now we don’t have to see RED jerseys and their useless wearing characters all over the street.


    and wacha next year….

  8. aegeus says:

    Next year inakam!

  9. udi says:

    Bado tulishinda league. Next year tumo ndani. Treble

  10. Klara says:

    Funny as it may sound, I was Glad too..

  11. Kirima says:

    Bado sisemi kitu

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