This guy who lives in my flats has taken to calling me princess…
Then he has this habit of standing in my way on the stairway whenever I kutana with him..
Aki what to do.. I know he means well but am the kind of person who likes to be left alone after a long day at work.

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16 Responses to Princess??!!!

  1. Half 'n' Half says:

    Woken up on the right side!

    I dont mind when someone says hi lakini its when they start calling me princess I raise my eyebrows

  2. inexes says:

    Mmmmm Tell him kindly to leave you alone, otherwise a knee up his crotch may do the trick.. ‘wink wink’

    Haha now how do I start kicking peeps…?

  3. Klara says:

    LOL! I feel u sana..
    sometimes am forced to pretend am not home..Sometimes one can be just feel tired and wish to be alone but some people can never understand that….
    I love company but not always espec when I ahve had abad day..

    Jioni after work I just love that peace and quiet…read no one saying anything unless you’re a tv or radio. I dont watch telly i just listen..

  4. Mocha! says:

    First its chatterly with a serious weirdo, now its you with a chat-hog.

    LOL!!! Kweli watu wana mambo.

    Chica…..three days and counting. Aki I can’t wait! I am as excited as a kid being told they are going on holiday.

    Chatterly and I are being hunted by the same wierdo….where do you live Chatterly?
    Chic aki cant wait three days to go!

  5. bankelele says:


    mmmm I think!

  6. bantutu says:



  7. Dshy says:

    I live in a neighbourhood where most if not all are pensioners who have all the time and storos in the world to match. So I find the best way to avoid speaking to them if I not in the mood is to fake talk on the mobile phone. That way, all you have to do is wave and smile and that story will end there.

    What if your phone goes while you’re pretending… just a thought!

  8. egm says:

    Pole. DShy’s fake talking sounds like a plan!

    haiya you’re encouraging fake convos?

  9. modoathii says:

    mchape pare pare…that is after he refuses to hear your ‘leave me alone’ statements…mnakaa na chatterly nini?

    sitamchapa lakini I think Chatterly and I are neighbours! 🙂

  10. modoathii says:

    hi princess?


  11. 3N says:

    princess, I think you should just stop and chat with me. as you said I mean no harm and you don’t either.

    and just because I came across your blog by mistake, doesn’t mean I am stalking you.

  12. farmgal says:

    lol I’ll stop and chat..I knw you’re not a stalker but si you’re a good observer!

  13. inexes says:

    3N, Tulisema aje kuhusu Farmgal? naona unanitafuta heh? LOL

  14. aisee says:

    woiyee, he likes you.

  15. Bomseh says:

    He calls you Princess? Tell him that he is still a frog to you and you ain’t
    ready to kiss him into a Prince.

  16. aegeus says:

    Hello princess!! Wink! Wink!!

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