A little LIFE teSt

My friend Ken asked me to do the following test
If you can please…

To be sure, involve a workmate, friend, family etc if you can!

Pour some water into a tumbler/cup (if there’s two of you, make sure the water comes from the same source)

Now drink it…

Is it bitter or is it sweet?

If its bitter it means you have some bitterness in your life. If its sweet then all things are timam aka Life hasnt dealt you a bitter blow!

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13 Responses to A little LIFE teSt

  1. Kirima says:

    First, now off to drink some bitter/sweet water

  2. Inexes says:


    Now back to water! Sweeeeeet!

  3. farmgal says:

    and no flavoured water,i forgot to say…some of you are very cheeky you know!

  4. Mocha! says:


    Now this is a new one.

    I will try it.

  5. Kirima says:

    My water is sweet!

  6. Bantutu says:

    Ammmmm…It’ll take more than a sip for me….Si you chapa it in a bottle…I’ll get back to you…

  7. Bomseh says:

    Water is neutral whether you drink it alone or with a colleague and/or friend. I’ll try the test though. Maybe kuna fumbo ndani yake.

  8. Klara says:

    Will definately try that out!

  9. Gish says:

    Wassup gal, ati my friend ken *wink wink*. The water was sweet. Got me thinking that you could change the taste if you can confront the bitter as they say when llife deals you a lemon make lemonade.

  10. 3N says:

    my water always tastes like water including the glass I just poured, neutral.

  11. kymmbr says:

    what’s the trick? i had flavoured water in my house so i was gonna post and say.. strawberry. well, until i saw yu’r comment. then i tried with just water and it tasted that way… just water. does that mean my life is unflavored or what?

  12. aegeus says:

    Mine is bila flavour. Ama ni hawa watu wa nairobi water ndio wanamess? 😀

  13. Aizoh says:

    A man who had been drinking daily for thirty years was blindfolded and given an array of drinks to identify by taste. Tusker, Pilsner, White cap, cham, vodoo he got them all right. Until he was given some water. He said, “Aii!!. That must be a new one. I’ve never drunk that one!” Sorry for blogging on your blog.

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