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I beg to differ

All Kenyan bashes aren’t the same! We had a two day bash/BBQ to celebrate my pal’s 30th B’day. It rained cats and dogs but we didnt care one bit. By the way my summer will be very pictorial so if … Continue reading

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Hen Nite!

picture-012.jpg picture-008.jpg picture-001.jpg picture-019.jpg picture-030.jpg I’ll have to disappoint you guys. The drama surrounding the pics thickens and I dont know how to beg people. So please make do with that pic. We were cow-girls for the night. Met up … Continue reading

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Childish grown men

I have serious issues with guys who try to stop peeps from talking to the peeps they’ve fallen out with. Thats a mouthfull I know….Thats just childish… Will be blogging about a hen night I went to soon as … Continue reading

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The above girls entertained some salivating men who were sat behind them. They were dancing to bashment bila shame! Sun after Twickenham The dudes got height…I felt really short standing next to them in another pic! sato after Twick.. The … Continue reading

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You got to love Lewis!

With all the drama that was yesterdays Grand prix in Montreal, Canada..this young lad was composed and showed maturity beyound his 22yrs! And he’s cute too! I watched the whole thing from start to finish and that includes the BMW … Continue reading

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awwww aunty farmgal

Am in Machester. Finally met my nephew….soo cute and very tall!

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Am an aunt

At 10.08am today, my bro and his girlfriend delivered a baby boy. That makes me a proper aunt and my mum is officially a gran! Our last born is a parent! Woo hoo!!!!!!

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