You got to love Lewis!

With all the drama that was yesterdays Grand prix in Montreal, Canada..this young lad was composed and showed maturity beyound his 22yrs! And he’s cute too!
I watched the whole thing from start to finish and that includes the BMW crash.
pic from BBC website

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8 Responses to You got to love Lewis!

  1. Kirima says:

    Congrats to him he has a great future maybe greater than Schumi

    I hope he does…great kid with such composure

  2. bankelele says:

    Welcome to the world of F1. He raced superbly at at track that gets more crashes than most (esp. for rookies) One way to judge how good a race he had is to compare a driver to his teamate – and the way Alonso struggled on Sunday (overtake by Banzai Sato) proved that Hamilton was the man in Canada.

    I’m loving F1, used to watch lakini got derailled! He trully was the man! I hope coming weekend he still is!

  3. Half n Half says:

    hope he doesnt burn out!
    That your nephew is tres tall and cute!

    We can only wish him well…
    My nephew is sooo cool…thanks

  4. Josiah says:

    Was a great race by Lewis Hamilton.

    Barring the safety cars, he might have had the race already won by 1/4 way. An almost perfect race. Watching Alonso struggling at (I now call it the Alonso Corner) that corner three, four times was intriguing. Nerves?

    Looking forward to Indiapolis next Sunday 🙂

    Those safety cars did him no favours but at least he won. I was getting frustrated, everytime he built a lead, it was taken away from him. Alafu that corner Alonso kept on taking…I didnt get it..My heart rate…another story..I was glad when it was all over!
    Go Lewis!

  5. archer says:

    GO McLAREN MERCEDES!!!! GO LEWIS HAMILTON!!! This lad is the FUTURE!! He’s really giving Fernando Alonso a run for his money! (Considering the fact that Alonso earns $10 million per year while Hamilton gets $500k)

  6. aegeus says:

    since i am a noobie at this maclaren and etc thing wacha i check out the compe and then choose sides…

  7. Phassie says:

    hata kama sielewi mambo ya Formula 1, I will have to agree with you farmgal.

    Hongera Lewis!

  8. Morountodun says:

    Alonso is already getting sour grapes cause Hamilton beat him at one race! Congrats Hamilton!

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