The above girls entertained some salivating men who were sat behind them. They were dancing to bashment bila shame! Sun after Twickenham

The dudes got height…I felt really short standing next to them in another pic! sato after Twick..

The chic in this pic is one of the craziest women I know. Love her to bits…she’s married with two kids! Twick
Some peeps I know. Sunday after Twick
I think huko juu is Edinbrugh Castle…was walking to the train station when I took this on monday morning.
You can totally tell I spent the night alone in that massive bed…The licious one …:D
Salsa anyone?
Trafalgar Square London
At the salsa joint…thats one of our players..I dont jua his name.
Boys V girls …at this point I was falling asleep!
DJ dubwise doing his thang!
That jungu looking straight into the camera was nicknamed Njoki. She refused to dance to that ka-song Na njoki simama..uwache maua etc etc
Pekeleee earring…I was amused!
My girl Ngesh from Newcastle!
Ngesh and her sis.
Discovered this dude used to live in my neighbourhood!
You all know who that is, right?

The End

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45 Responses to Pics

  1. Kirima says:

    Quite some activities you got into at Edinbourgh – No picture of Rugby so I assume the action out of the pitch was more fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m sure Archer will love the first picture seeing thats what he was watching at Safari Sevens

    I was watching the matches too although my camera tells a totally different story!

  2. egm says:

    More sianda for Archer!

    Kweli mlijienjoy. So you are the behind the scenes happenings photographer while Mocha is the on game photographer. Keep ’em coming!

    You got that right!

  3. Gish says:

    Aunty farmgal, congratulations and lovely pics. more please?

    Thanks galfie..umepotelea wapi?
    I think now I cant upload anymore…some files are just too huge alafu time of photo sijui nini…

  4. acolyte says:

    Ya’ll had a ball and then some! Great pics!

    True dat!

  5. betty says:

    uuuiiii KK will love this :O ..i think i jua u am seeing peeps i know in those pics hehe this is nyyyysss…ebu ongeza picha sweets.

    You jua KK..aki there’s a pic I took of him pulling some moves! Ubaya its too dark…but its priceless..licious uko na hio picha?
    alafu you jua me? hit me up @ mkaranja [gmail]

  6. betty says:

    ok..the above statement is not valid lool uhm..still, yeah he’s tall,if u feel short next to him si then am a smarfette ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    nice pics.

    weka bisha we see how short or tall you are!

  7. Mocha! says:

    LOL….you are nutts.

    Aki that bed was huge…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am with egm….Archer will love pic #1 TIHIHIHIHIHI!

    You know how I ended up sleeping there…mad love for you chic!

  8. Phassie says:

    That player is Oscar Osir, also know as Double O, or O2. that’s my boy. I see he has still retained his cuteness.

    Love the Bed pic.. tuko wengi!

    That bed was tha bomb…I was lucky to have slept there…

  9. Stephen Bess says:

    Looks like a really good time. Dancing, pretty ladies, I know my wife wouldn’t let me go. ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey how you be? Am sure if you asked her along with you, it would be just fine.

  10. aegeus says:

    Oi! Where are the “intimates”? Nimeangalia hata chini ya bed, wapi? Hheheheheh!!!

    behave my dear….

  11. Half n Half says:

    wooiye, what a waste of a bed!

    great fun you had! thankfully nephew can not see them! LOL

    Waste? why now? lakini I lalad like a
    Wacha tha nephew opens his eyes..

  12. Mocha! says:

    LOL….@ Aegeus’s comment. You are nuts!

    @Phassie…..I know Oscar too! He is good looking, but that is just about it for me. As Management for the rugby team, he needs to learn a thing or two from Benja! Enuff said.

    @Farmgal…..thanks for providing the balance since I didnt take behind the scenes pics. Next year tuko pamoja. No last manenoz. Besides, we have Udi to entertain…

    I should plan better next time. How I decided to travel on friday and actually did on sato heheheh am glad I made it!
    Udi next year is flying in courtesy of the Licious one and Farmgal!

  13. egm says:

    Kwani it’s only Udi to be entertained leaving me to the wolves with nothing but a firestick? Eh, and the way I thought I was in the mix!

    No need to cry ..uko dani lakini now you guys have to lipa you air tickets. we’ll provide bed and breakfast!

  14. egm says:

    By the way, Farmgal, who’s the jamaa to the left of Njoki the non-dancing jungu babe? He looks very very familiar!

    The licious one please take that one up…

  15. Mocha! says:

    @egm….that jamaa is my pal. He organises alot of sporting and club events (related) in the UK. Nione kando if you want info! As for being in the nix, wacha I liase with FG and see what she semas.

    Farmgal, meeting kando, au? LOL!

    on the phone my dear…usiku ama?

  16. Mocha! says:

    Kwanza you chic…..that clevage!!! WOLOLO YAYE!!! hahaha!

    what? where?
    You want me to post one of your thuthas one?

  17. Bomseh says:

    Mocha eeh. Hata mimi nimeona. Dayyyyuuuum!

    ata wewe….?

  18. egm says:

    And the crowd responded with a thunderous, “Dio Dio! Post the thutha one!”

    shamelessly eh?

  19. Ebony says:

    Farmgal you the chile in the maasai costume? If yes, you resemble a chile i met in Gloucester sometimes in 2005, and owns a clothes shop!! Am the chile who had kujad for interview and met the two Mikes outside the shop said hello na mengineo….. Alafu the dude in the 3rd pic from top, he looks very familiar!

    Hey I remember you get in touch if you can ….

  20. Klara says:

    Great Pixs n Captions

    Thanks Klara!

  21. betty says:

    lol this is veeery interesting..ok chill b4 i hit ure mailbox..wacha i ask Jmo and R for their pichas even them..hehe sweets am bila courage to put bishas,yaa and as for KK, i want to see those pics, lol i squint thru the darkness till i ona!!

    Bomseh stop drooling,ish!!

    lol you’re mad …ok will weka next week…it was ‘hirarious’

  22. egm says:

    Bila shame kabisa! When good things are on offer, ain’t no way I’m turning them down! At this rate I might be transformed into an Archer-like sianda-luva if I’m not already one!

    aki wewe you’re mad! I’ll ask her if its ok.

  23. Mocha! says:

    No, its not ok. No thutha pics of Mocha! Kwani hamuku tosheka na ya chapo???? LOL!

    was wondering the same.

  24. Half n Half says:

    *CLAP CLAP CLAP* *stampede! chant! WE WANT THE PICTURE! (eeerrrrr)

    Egm, bomseh ebu join the chant

    wacha inciting peeps!

  25. egm says:

    Aloya picha twataka Aloya
    Picha ya Mochasianda lazima tuone

    Eeh eeh eeh eeh Aloya!


    We want a sianda pic
    Just like the other one
    We want a sianda pic
    Just like the other one!

    HnH, should I chant some more?

    Where’s the egm we all know? You’re mad!

  26. Ebony says:

    @Farmgal, will defos get in touch.

    @Betty, so thats KK? I thot it was him but wasent too sure.

    You guys must have had a ball, too bad some of us couldnt make it due to very tight schedules. Lakini this is a small world i have seen very many familiar faces in those photos, wakenya tumetembea kweli, havent seen some people in a

  27. egm says:

    Kwani who is the egm you all know? The calm, cool, collected one? I think he done gone on holiday. And left this here wildly flailing arms alter-ego…

    Ah, just enjoying that it’s end of the week finally! And deciding to let loose kidogo that trapped inner wild man of the mountains in me. But only briefly! He’ll go back in hiding before long…

    So tha real egm did stand up! Was nice meeting you alter-ego..make sure he comes out to play soon!

  28. Ebony says:

    Btw i managed to cheki some clips from the rudge 7s tournament , oh boy do some of the players have stunyad rasas or wat?! Kwanza Sudi/Simiyu?…i know….lol..but i cant help my eyes focusing on the wrong

    Another sudi there was a chic who too a mean pic of that thutha …wish you could see it!

  29. Mocha! says:


    Ebony…..kumbe pia wewe you are on the Sudi mix? Besides, both names are his.

    bribe me… ๐Ÿ™‚ this is blackmail chic ..

  30. betty says:

    Ebony..yeah its an extremely small world!!

  31. Phassie says:

    @ Mocha: Trust me that is it. The cuteness. The rest are details!

  32. egm says:

    Betty, I just gunduwad the jamaa I was asking about I know from way back in the day. It’s turning out to be an atom of a world we live in! Small no longer describes it aptly…

  33. betty says:

    egm..i know three or four people in those pics and you jua that dude u were asking about?? geeeez, it’s scary!

  34. inexes says:

    *whispering…* Saaasa…. naona huku ni detour…. lakini hiyo kitanda jamani! reminds me of mine!

    where has thou been? ebu rudi!

  35. Mocha! says:

    @phassie…..i think we need to talk sideways! Au?

  36. egm says:

    Yaani rubgy is transforming KBDab into KBumDiab!

    that you have to copyright

  37. Mocha! says:


    You chick you dont wanna go there with blackmail threats.

    maybe I shouldn’t

  38. >dยฎ says:

    Great pics; love ’em!

    Thanks Mr.

  39. where have i been. kumbe adhyambo C amejaa huku shambani. wolololololo…that’s one huge bed to swach alone. i’m loving the pix. is that you?

    modo late comer its ok to be late as long as you get there. Which one is me? ok the one in the maasai outfit …yes thats me.

  40. Archer says:

    Kwani when guys think of ample posterior blessings, Archer is the first person that comes to mind? Kwani nyinyi munaangalianga nini? Elbows?

    Nice pics, Auntie Farmgal!!!

    yaani archer hata mimi nilishangaa…and thanks!

  41. Yuriy says:

    dudes & dudettes, i’ve got mbichas of internal anatomy of urs truly ( won’t mention names, lakini) , but if u were hauling some massive eqpt about with you then lens this space. Kuna mambo!!

    @ betty – Ish!! You missed. Kula ngumu. Mathe’s around next month so, sshhhhh!

    @ farmgal- the wattage on ur smairo should be subjected to some degree of power rationing (KP&LC styro). It blinded anaa dude too much ( therein lies the explanation as to the lack of company on the huge bed) wink! wink! btw- he’s nyimaing me peace

    @mocha- YES to cianda pictures!!!. If i am to go blind right now, it should be worth it!!

  42. Ebony says:

    Am now the unofficial anti-tush police. No more sianda business!!!!!

  43. Mocha! says:

    @yuriy…weeee wacha! Anyway, pitia kwangu for more. Kuna sianda pics hapo with chapo to boot.

    @ebony……where do I sign up for this petition?

  44. Bantu says:

    Si am drooling seriously at photo namba Flani hapo!!

  45. kenyas n hanyes..eish..the party never stops it seems, huh?nice pix..

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