Childish grown men

I have serious issues with guys who try to stop peeps from talking to the peeps they’ve fallen out with. Thats a mouthfull I know….Thats just childish…
Will be blogging about a hen night I went to soon as I have the pics!

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25 Responses to Childish grown men

  1. egm says:

    Stopping others from talking to you cause y’all have fallen out? Eh, I had to repeat it to really undesrtand. Lakini that’s just wanaratay of the highest order.

    Hizo kuku picha twangoja kwa hamu…

    Its total wana!

  2. inexes says:

    huh? kukanganyana ama kukanyangana?

    ati nini?

  3. inexes says:

    egm – si we demostrate – we want mbichas, pics tunataka banners are ready.

    hata wewe …lakini those pics we took were mzuri. I lost mine so have to wait for copies from someone else.

  4. egm says:

    inexes, “wild egm” has taken a break. He needs coaxing to come out of his shell. Woe unto the world when he does! Lakini if there’s enough jadhbas, he’ll make a showing…

    trust me when I post those hen pics wild boy will come out!

  5. M says:

    He he! Ati what? Kumbe nursery mode persists with some of us?

    trust me it does. Alafu its unbelieveable!

  6. Bomseh says:

    Unleash the story. Picha hadithi!

    The hen night one will unleash lakini the childish jingaz..enuff said

  7. Kirima says:

    The old enemy of my friend is my enemy dilema – Just ignore them and choose your friends.
    Pictures? I don’t know what happens in hen parties so please post the pics so as to educate clueless jamaas like me.

    hata mimi I didnt know what cuts during hen nights …its just mad

  8. Mocha! says:

    HAIYA…..kumeenda aje hapa.

    Who is chokozaing my newest pal???

    Push them my way, I spank them seriously. LOL!!!

    Chic no point in wasting energy on such..wacha this summer we enjoy the weather!

  9. Ngai fafa… Meaning we cant be friends with that one coz you are not friends with them too… Am even confusing myself. Post the pics then we will probably understand it

    Will do as soon as I get them. Alafu its how, si you make your comment section more user friendly!

  10. Mocha! says:

    Chic…hapo unapoint. Wacha tuenjoy summer. Let that gongi rot!

    Thats the spirit!

  11. Archer says:

    Kwani if that dude fell out with someone, how does that automatically mean that you can’t now talk to that person? Hiyo ni utoto! If only you weren’t so sweet, I’d have recommended handing said idiot a hot slap!!

    Such people would not be deserving of anyone’s energy spent on them….
    so ati now am sweet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. 3N says:

    I do recommend that you hand the said idiot a slap. That is primary school behavior and shouldnโ€™t be entertained by any grown up.

    Pics wapi?

    aki it does remind of primo..hata those years i was too clever to be sucked into such behaviour.
    Picha please wait am having to wait for too!

  13. Ebony says:

    lol….that kinda nonsense is ‘practiced’ by naso kids not grown ass men.

    Talking about summer, it seems to be getting colder! And the rain constantly messing bbq plans ..aarrggh

    I’ve been to a hen party where the wife to be got down and dirty with someone else and the hubby to be was not impressed [they are junguz so wasent surprised] we thot he was going to call off the wedding…lol..but they managed to solve the issue.

    Am not loving the weather coz one cant really make any bbq plans
    ai that wife to be nayeye is how? The one I went to, the chic behaved lakini there are things we wont tell. We promised!

  14. inexes says:

    @egm – ati jadhbas – didnt jua thats how its spelt! u remind of some Samburus i skooled with….

  15. egm says:

    Inexes, kwani you didn’t soma Masaibu ya Ndugu Jero for fasihi? That’s where I first learned of the word jadhba.

  16. Half 'n' Half says:

    Aki let me confess, am one of those people of “my enemy had better be your enemy as well !”

    ‘shaking my head’

  17. Gish says:

    that is just malaria.

  18. Klara says:

    That’s being foolish n Kiddish!!
    Hen nite!!!!! Leta picha mbio….

    aki I shouldnt have said anything…will post pics soon.

  19. betty says:

    pipo have serious issues!

    pichaaa pichaaa

    pipo pepo …lol
    picha picha patient guys

  20. Mocha! says:

    AAIIII….kwani the pics are being sorted in Timbuktu!!!


    chic, si I told you my camera punished me for not reading the manual. I deleted my pics so have to beg and wait on someone.

  21. Ebony says:

    Ala..kujad mbio mbio to cheki the mbichas…kumbe bado? Ngoja ngoja huumiza matumbo yawa!

    wacheni moto!

  22. egm says:

    You know, you can undelete the pictures… ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. inexes says:

    @egm, masaibu ya ndugu Jero yalinikwepa kidogo though i did Kisima cha giningi (sp), kusadikika & anaa one i cant remember!

    ama was it ndugu jero? who was in 4th form huko mid 90’s?

    Geek – how do u undelete mbichas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. egm says:

    The one you are forgetting is Mashetani. And yup, a mid-90’s fourth former here…

    As for undeleting mbichas, check out Bomseh’s casa and the post on his USB woes. I’m sure Farmgal’s camera has USB connectivity. You just plug it to the PC as a USB storage device, and voila, you have a drive that you can perform all manner of operations on!

    So I guess I am in order to continue insisting we want the pics pronto! ๐Ÿ™‚

    aki dont make look a danda…I would love my pics back! see me kando. kama unacheza..wanted in ditheba!

  25. Bantu says:

    Haiya…toddler mgani? Pics!! Am sweating with yearning…

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