Hen Nite!






I’ll have to disappoint you guys. The drama surrounding the pics thickens and I dont know how to beg people. So please make do with that pic.
We were cow-girls for the night. Met up with the boys for a quick drink. They’d dresed the groom to be in a pink skirt and a ‘tiara’. Aki am so upset about the pics.
I cant say much concerning the hen do but ehh I wish more of my friends would get married.
Wil attach more pics from my camera kesho.

I’ve just added more pics am stil thinking about some of them. Will see kesho!

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22 Responses to Hen Nite!

  1. Mocha! says:


    I am soooo disappointed, lakini I am sure I will get to see the pics if not here is blogland.

    Just dont miss that bus!

  2. farmgal says:

    ai chic where did you come from….lol

  3. i am technically 2nd. and then I was expecting at least 5 mbichas, more please!

    drama mingi lakini kesho when you wake up..will have more

  4. bantutu says:

    Fogothareee!!! Mmetoka wapi….Kesho….I hope I make it…

    Missed tha bus eh?

  5. bantutu says:

    Fogothareee!!! Mmetoka wapi….Kesho….I hope I make it…

  6. egm says:

    Farmgal, I will definitely have to see you sideways we work on trying to ressurect the pictures you deleted. I hope hujachukua picha nyingi with the camera since you did that… Yaani it sounds like getting them will be worth the pain of trying to recover them!

    I think I’ve nearly recovered from deleting them. I’ve taken loads more at some other event. summer is full of fun..but the rain, wah!

  7. Bomseh says:

    I thought it was really going to be picha hadithi. Lakini kuna few hapa nimeona wee wacha tu!

    am so gagged..was dying to reveall all!

  8. aegeus says:

    Lovely pics. Wish there were more of you. Now what is that about a pink skirt and tiara? 😀

    Only wish I had a pic to accompany…unfortunately…

  9. kenyaonly says:

    ongeza more pics, haki silali will have to be FAO kesho!

    I ongezad on the same day..the other ones are too saucy.

  10. betty says:

    lol @kenyaonly..me ntaeka alarm!

    FGal: he! start harakishaing pipo to olewa..looks like the bride had a fab time..ati groom-2-b vaad a skirt and tiara??hehe

    pichaaa pichaaa

    I had the whole post planned..thats until I become too clever with the camera.

  11. inexes says:

    weeewee nice pics – kwanza zingine ziko na ma sneek-preview…. nice nice! i’ve been trying to move the pieces of clad further away for better view lakini nada… LOL

    a nut case as pa kawa!

  12. hakeembig says:

    Great pictures tuongezee tafadhali.

    wish I could!

  13. Kirima says:

    So thats what we mean by the Wild Wild West! If you get some more please share.

    Yeah that was the theme she wanted. Over here hen nites are themed and we have to do as the bride says.

  14. modoathii says:

    yep talk to EGM. lakini we can see the attempt. next time, even though you guys can multi task. weka pombe chini shika camera vizuri…

    @ bants, can you stop trying to be number one na uende uweke post, NINIII!

    aki I’d put my drink down…alafu its a soft one so either way my hands are steady.

  15. Half 'n' Half says:

    was there a mini sketi only rule? and the god papas? where did you get them all from?

    hebu put more

    Either mini or shorts and boots. As usual some peeps conviniently forgot to bring boots along.

  16. Mocha! says:

    lol….chic, nimeone hizo pics zingine. Nice…and the way you were worried.

    Thank God I didnt kuja, me and mini skirts are not the best of pals. I will be proving the point people make “a belt maquerading as a skirt” theory. Sianda too much, but do I sooout (sijui Archer 2007).

    Everyone tried to pull it off. I have to say, the last time I wore such a short thing …I was like 3yrs old when it didnt matter. Needless to say its going to be a good few years before I dress like that again.

  17. quintessential says:

    Y’all look like you had a BLAST!!!

    thanks and yes we did!

  18. Klara says:

    Seems the roof was coming down!! Hot Pix!

    true dat.

  19. Gish says:

    Now i know who to call should i you know. The cleavage sisemi kitu

    I could give you afew tips…harakisha lakini.

  20. Mocha! says:

    Kwanza, I jua you purposely jifichad we don’t see dem leggies!!!! Sindio???

    chic usianze siasa. No way am showing my legs!

  21. bantutu says:

    Picha mzuri kuzidi, just wish I cheki chekiid some more….LOL@ Gish…Piga Simu.

  22. super says:

    Spice gals…woye..(pix8)
    pix 12 is especially fun!!

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