I beg to differ

All Kenyan bashes aren’t the same!

We had a two day bash/BBQ to celebrate my pal’s 30th B’day.
It rained cats and dogs but we didnt care one bit. By the way my summer will be very pictorial so if you hate pics..there’s the disclaimer.

There was alot of this on both days.
Birthday girl’s hubby who did all the meat on sato and sunday.
The neighbours who didnt complain one bit despite us being there till 8am on sunday morning and then from midday sunday till monday! I know!
The birthday girl in black. We left all the fathers baby sitting and went into town at midnight.
The cake!
The clowns at 8am on Sunday!
Cute baby..see how much he takes after tha zak?
This was anaa clown..pulled up his trousers to dance to some lingala.

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26 Responses to I beg to differ

  1. Mocha! says:

    The BBQ pics finally.

    Leo regulars to your blog have lalad!!!

    Fao – doing a mini jig! πŸ™‚

    Finally! Took lots and lots!

  2. Mocha! says:

    Nice pics nyako!!!

    Zako ziko wapi???

    Alafu, that nyama…..aki now I am hungry!!!

    The idea with the meat one was to make you hungry. Aki that nyama was tamu! I think I’ve put enough of mine…ama?

  3. egm says:

    Good thing I’d kulad lunch before coming here, or there’d have been a war cry! Picha leta kwa wingi. Maybe I can take a break and let others do their thing, then when summer is over, I can come back with more mbishas…

    apana endelea with bishaz…make it a pictorial summer too.

  4. aegeus says:

    Heheheh!! Nice!! Ati i beg to differ? Looks like lots of nyama! Mmmm. Bring on the pictures! I am hungry too!! Now off to scrounge in the fridge! πŸ˜€

    That meat was lots…everytime I turned around, there was somone offering anaa piece yummmmy!

  5. 3N says:

    aki that nyama, you should put a disclaimer for hungry folks

    @Mocha! I am a regular & I am Hia

    Si now you know! The idea was to make you salivate my dear.

  6. betty says:

    hehe sunday 8am peeps be hungry na hakuna loaf?woishe..
    mice pics..again.

    Trust me no one was in need of loaf. They were just clowning.

  7. betty says:

    lol i meant ‘nice’.

  8. Gish says:

    party people kabisa two days in a row LOL. Nice pics.

    good thing it was two enjoyable days.

  9. Mocha! says:

    AAAAHHH….we can never get enuff of you.

    Aki that tot is a supuu!!! Sijui I pull a Joan Collins and wait for him to grow up ama? TIHIHIHIHIHI!!!


    Glad to hear your place was not flooded. Have a timam day.

    Hey thanks for checking on me this morning. Aki the rain that has been falling this sides!
    And that baby is way tooo tooo cute!

  10. Klara says:

    Aki those pix’s are making me hungry!
    Seems as usual u had a blast!!

    We had a blast..its summer although doesnt seem like it. Its when we have the most fun. Come winter…hibernation mode ingiaz

  11. betty says:

    oooh yaaay kumbe you added more pics, grriiieeet!!

    aaah that dude dancing lingala..man those are the peeps who make bashes worthwhile..i penda those clowns (i mean using ure word lol no pun)..ka ningekua i’d have got down with him lool just to ongeza chumvi πŸ˜€

    Gai si we get invited to the next one..national express si iko! lool

    Betty hata I cant believe this..you’re in England! Ok listen licious coming down to mine. No partying just kidogo sightseeing. That will be on the 13th of July. Up for it?

  12. Mocha! says:

    EEEHHHH…..Betty, kumbe uko UK. Ebu tokea in July when I am popping round.

    ooopppsss…..Farmgal, that should be you inviting Betty. Pole! πŸ˜‰

    Manyanga….nice additional pics. You kweli had a blast. I hope the sun will be shining when I tokea those sides. My legs need a tan. LOL!

    My house/home is your …mi casa da da da da da da da

  13. inexes says:

    *Scratching head looking for a not so ‘nut’ comment,,,,,


    That BBQ looks Yummy…

    umejaribu! alafu niko na vita na wewe ..you know why!

  14. Kirima says:

    Party till Morning I see. Do enjoy your summer

    summer’s the best time to jienjoyi. Thanks Kirima

  15. udi says:

    Yaani people dont want me to be on detox. Now I am seeing pichas of nyake, I am just imagining tuskers galore

    wacha excuses….you’re going to rehab and am gonna be supporting you all the way.

  16. betty says:

    Mocha..swithat si you shout it out louder lool ok, achana na Farmgal, i got the invitation hehe..July kuna nini??am coming regardless..ok if am still hia..woi i’ve seen those pics again lol …..i’ll be here by force!

    Farmgal..toa invite ya pili yawa..just so i dnt look like am forcing issues lol.

    You’re most ‘werocome’ email me thweetie

  17. egm says:

    Betty, usiskie haya kuforce issues. Si me I jipoxed into the Rudge plans for next year and ended up getting the invite! Power to Jipoxers!

    I resound that..power to jipoxers!

  18. Mocha! says:

    Double LOL/LMAO @ egm and Betty!!!

  19. betty says:

    egm..you are the master jipoxee..yaani mpaka u became family of famous pple photographa..and now mpaka you going Rudge next year?? maan..you the don!! me am fuataing ure footsteps!!

    I hereby jipox on 13th of July..Mocha na Farmgal mmeskia? sightseeing is nyyysss..ati no partying? i’ll force on partying pia ;D

  20. archer says:

    Yaani you guys partied the whole weekend!!! Wah! Kweli guys don’t mess around

  21. Mocha! says:

    farmgal…..sasa arrangment ni aje? Am I still checking in with my pal and Betty ama kuna change of mifangoz.

    Betty…sightseeing lazima, vile my DSLR is ready to shoot pics of huko kwa akina Farmgal. Alafu, unashikia basi wapi tuende pamoja? AAANNNDDD….partying lazima. Hata kama ni kwa pub inacheza ngoma….we have to dress up and go out. Rain or not. Farmgal….umesikia???

  22. inexes says:

    Haiya FG, si vita tulimaliza? lakini life bila beef ni boring!!!

    Tuanze ingine…?

  23. super says:

    Hi FG…nice blog. esps pix & party… inexes ‘ve checked in! Mocha..yeah party as you sa, ‘lazima’! upd8 on aftermath!

  24. dorothy says:

    nothing beats picto-blogs (I think i just coined that term…well at least I hope I did)


  25. Unyc says:

    Nice photos!! Seemed like u had lots of fun!!
    At least sme1 had smething positive 2 say about Kenyan Bashes huko.

  26. bantutu says:

    I love the disclaimer…Ei ako katoi…Q-uuute!! Fluffs has nothing on him…That was a Grandmother bash….

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