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Water’s back!

In the early hours of this morning…. And about time too! Yaani si you know women have issues… I wasn’t looking forward to this week bila water. Thank God and bless Thames water. We can’t drink it but we can … Continue reading

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It’s not funny anymore!

Seven days without water Seven days of two litres of water For my body and teeth daily! seven days and we are in UK Seven days and our house has run out of flushing water. seven days of dry water … Continue reading

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This is Gloucestershire – FLOODS

This’ll be brief…jana there was no power and we havent had water since sunday evening. I filled the tub up so at least we can flush. But we may not have water for another 7days! Heavens! some pics from bbc

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I cant ffind the link to the one below but there’s a part two.

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This is really stupid!

I came in to work today and heard that there was a huge argument yesterday. There’s this chic who dates a muslim. She drinks lakini boyfie doesn’t. Then, we have this muslim jamaa who has some whack views. Ati coz … Continue reading

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Reacting to red meat

I been thinking so hard trying to work out what am suddenly allergic to. Last night I microwaved some chops I’d made on tuesday. Half an hour after dinner and farmgal is itching like a monkey. My skin looks like … Continue reading

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I don’t have much to say

I’m itiching everywhere, I think am allergic to something but I don’t know what! Pritons aren’t helping so me might visit my doctor today 😦 Alafu Ferrari won the 1st and 2nd places on the weeknd. Lakini Lewis still leads … Continue reading

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