I don’t have much to say

I’m itiching everywhere, I think am allergic to something but I don’t know what!
Pritons aren’t helping so me might visit my doctor today 😦

Alafu Ferrari won the 1st and 2nd places on the weeknd. Lakini Lewis still leads although he managed the 3rd position.

Good day peeps!

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24 Responses to I don’t have much to say

  1. bankelele says:

    Pole. you may have caught red fever. it broke out in magny cours and is forecast to spread to britain, germany and hungary in july.

    Thats one thing am not catching!

  2. Kirima says:

    Pole on the allergy its summer I think hope it isn’t hay fever.
    I’m a ferarri fan so I am not too sad, Keeping an eye out for Silverstone this weekend.

    Will try catch some F1 though my friend gets married on sato so might miss most of the action.

  3. methuselah says:

    pole about the itching. I hope you get better soon.

    Thanks my dear..a black forest would do like now!

  4. Gish says:

    Get well soonest my dear. {{{{farmgal}}}

    I’ve skived work..thats enough to make me feel better. Thanks babe!

  5. dearie stress not..u prolly miss me too much hence breaking into a rash…ha h aha

    very funny lakini you’re right in saying am missing you too much.

  6. Mocha! says:

    Maybe ni sabuni!

    Ebu let us know you are ok.

    Alafu, still not feeling formula one, lakini that Lewis is hot!

    If you think Lewis is hot then you’re most def feeling F1
    alafu its not soap!

  7. Klara says:

    @Mocha..LOL! Bt it can be true coz am allergic to some brands

    Thanks Klara

  8. Mocha! says:

    Klara…..unacheka? I try and stick to one brand so my body is used to it. Normally the mild ones. Soap can be harsh, esp. when you have very sensitive skin. Looking like a cheetah is not an option. Weee!!!

    Farmgal…..aki pole on your breakout. Another theory, stress nini?

    Stress kitu gani!

  9. Farmgal says:

    I just come back from the doctor’s. I’m allergic to something definately but what, I don’t know. I’ve taken the rest of the day off work. I might go buy myself shoes to wear to my friend’s wedding on 7/7/7
    Thanks people

  10. Bomseh says:

    Did the doc mention anything to do with water? Allergy.

    are you serious?

  11. Bomseh says:

    Ama ulinyeshewa? That’s hard water. Bath water is soft water coz of soap. Get the drift?

    Ok your theory heheheheh

  12. Mocha! says:

    LOL @ bomseh!!!

  13. egm says:

    Pole for the rash. Pona haraka!

    Nishapoa, asante!

  14. super says:

    sounds like burn out–did u overdo it over the weekend—? Pona kwa jina la Jeeez!

    No its not burn out, my weekend was very low key.

  15. inexes says:

    Woiye pole darl. allergy ya eggs?

    now is anyone there to be scratchin u like this..? i can volunteer……

    @Bomseh aaaiii hiyo theory yako nje! jaa. oome.nzaa!

    No volunteers as yet …lakini si you’re far!

  16. Betty says:

    Bomseh you talking outta xperience? ati water allergy??lool ure mad.

    Farmgal pole sana..hope you get better, that kujikuna kuna is soo irritating, i once got a funny allergy to lace lool aki you should’ve seen me..the only parts of my body that were not red and sporty was my head and legs!..woi glad am over it, it wasn’t funny standing close to the walls so i can steal a ka scratch under my top and and other places lool and i now announce..am over it!! hehe turned out it wasn’t pure lace..dubai products those..

    so umepona switi???

    I’m still itiching alafu you shoud see my ears. They look red and they’re hot! I’m trying sooooo hard not to scratch but ai!

  17. archer says:

    Pole sana for your irritation my dear. Umeona dagitari? And it’s NOT that red fever that Banks is talking about.

    Speaking of F1, that Ferrari win last weekend was just a ka random occurence. I hear that Raikkonen was being zushiwad for to justify his salo (he’s the highest paid driver in F1) so for once he lengad the vodka the night before. Now that he’s proved himself, I bet he’ll be at the local on Sato night, thus allowing Hamilton to resume his duties (lifting #1 trophies!) lakini FERNANDO ALONSO WAKE UP YAWA!!!!!

    I was disappointed in the tactic the Mclaren team used. Its cos Lewis a good few seconds! At least he had a podium place. Alonso should pull up his thogithis!

  18. Mocha! says:

    Farmgal…..Allergic Patient is spam. DELETE HARAKA UPESI!


  19. mwariwadavid says:

    Get well soon!

    And you dear.

  20. Mocha! says:

    Umepona? Don’t tell me you have broken out in hives.


  21. modoathii says:

    STAY AWAY FROM ICHIENA…hehe. scratch that…hope you get better.

    whats up with our Ichiena? Thanks

  22. sorry about your allergies , get well soon!


  23. Unyc says:

    Pole gal. Itching sucks…

    Hope its not what Bankelele is implying.

  24. modoathii says:

    ichiena? she’s itchy!

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