Reacting to red meat

I been thinking so hard trying to work out what am suddenly allergic to.
Last night I microwaved some chops I’d made on tuesday. Half an hour after dinner and farmgal is itching like a monkey. My skin looks like a freshly plucked chicken and my ears are red and hot!
I know I promised my summer will be pictorial but ai now way am taking pics looking the I do.

Good thing is, I know what not to eat!
No more red meat for now. Kwanza am going to a wedding on sato and my dress is sleeveless…I need to think of an alternative asap!

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19 Responses to Reacting to red meat

  1. Mocha! says:

    ok…off to read

  2. Mocha! says:

    LOL…..pole mami! Vile I have been enjoying steak like a nonsense this summer (not all the time mind you).

    As for the dress, just make sure you are looking hot (not that you dont) and take lots of pics.

  3. Kirima says:

    Pole on the allergy looks like you will be skipping the barbeques this summer. Hope you have fun at the wedding regardless.

  4. Gish says:

    Get some medicine for that allergy and you could always hide using a shawl or throw something sexy over the dress.
    Get well soonest.

  5. jadekitten says:

    Yup, I was jus goin t suggest what Gish did. Lakini again if it’s a short dress and you have pockmarks all over…. Golly. Lakini hugs mami hope you do get something wearable. Then again, you could always wear a big bright smile. THAT will work more wonders than any sexy outfit.


  6. 3N says:

    Pole farmgal, I don’t have any dress recommendations but enjoy the wedding. By the way I hope you are not giving up on all kinds of meat…utaweza?

  7. egm says:

    Pole for the allergy. Hope you get a workaround for the dress. Gish’s idea sounds good. Either way, picha bado ninaexpect!

  8. inexes says:

    Eish! No nyake? what else is there to eat?

    Woyee pole! hebu pona haraka — hizo mbichas tunazitamani.

    Na alafu si i can loan u one of my shirt, ile yenye cool strippes? it will match with any wedding dress… LOL

  9. inexes says:

    And have u tried Phenaghan or promethazine? stronger than piriton & u slp like a baby….. usingizi mtamu kweli

  10. three types of crazy says:

    pole about the allery lakini pole jingi zaidi on allergy to red meat…………kwa kweli I am with 3N on this one…….now what will you eat? samaki nii nyama kweli?

    I would go with gish and jadekitten on the dress issue. The skin may have cleared by then….hopefully.

    Enjoy the wedding nonetheless. Hope the weather is kind to you

  11. udi says:

    I will be there all dressed in black ready to be ur date for the wedding

  12. betty says:

    wedding??cool, have fun..mmh the dress is be Sato?? do the weather is all rainy?great..throw a ka shoal like this o’er ure shoulders and smile like a million bucks!!

    Wait Wedding be on Sato??? is it in Swindon that wedo by any chance??ok just asking coz aiii you neva know lool

  13. aegeus says:

    Pole mamii…i hope it all goes away soon, so its kuku choma all the way now…sigh…do have a great time at the wedding dear. 🙂

  14. Pole about the allergies..come to think of it though, you’re actually allergic to food that’s bad for your heart, so in a way, your allergies are making you healthier 🙂

  15. Bomseh says:

    Wonder what the next allergy is going to be. Hard water then meat? You are doomed. LOL.

  16. Kafai says:

    Kwani Inexes wants you to swach through out the wedding? U know it could be that ur allergic to an ingredient used to prepare the meat and not the meat itself !

  17. BantuTu says:

    No red meat. Thats gotta be sucky…I await to hear how you’ll dodge the weddo bullet…

  18. ray nwam says:

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