This is really stupid!

I came in to work today and heard that there was a huge argument yesterday.

There’s this chic who dates a muslim. She drinks lakini boyfie doesn’t. Then, we have this muslim jamaa who has some whack views. Ati coz she drinks and kisses the boyfie, apparently she’s forcing him to drink. He went ahed to tell the chic ati she’ll go straight to hell coz it’s a sin.
I was just wondering who should have a first class ticket to hell, the boyfie for buying the chic booze or the chic for kissing him after drinking.

Now there’s this day we were talking about suicide bombers. I told this jamaa that those bombers find themselves in hell to their horror. (Despite the popular belief about the seven virgins) They must have the most shocked diabs when they get to the other side. lakini this dude reprimanded me for saying that coz he believes that they have ligitimate reasons for what they do. Even though alot of innocent civilians get killed by their actions.

ai …fokojembe

The wedding I went to was fab..I was still suffering from severe allergies and by sunday my face was swollen. I didnt take pics at the wedding coz I was the M.C ..imagine that. Apparently I did well.
Sunday went to A&E (accident and emergency) and was given soem cream that helped. Was in bed most of yesterday.
Will post some pics as soon someone is kind enough to send me some.

Happy tuesday!

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10 Responses to This is really stupid!

  1. Kirima says:

    Pole if the rash isn’t gone hope you are keeping away from Red meat.
    Any form of bombing is just plain wrong I can never see the justification in killing innocent people just cos your people are oppressed or something thats just plain wrong and they will surely end up in hell.

  2. egm says:

    Warped thinking indeed.

    Pole for the allergie effects. Pona haraka.

  3. betty says:

    Glad the wedo went well..hope the cream helps loads and you feel better soon!!
    i never argue with muslims..i never argue with anyone about religion, that’s a tricky subject and lately i found out you could actually get stabbed for airing views about islam..some peoople are staunch believers bana.

  4. aegeus says:

    I stay away from arguments about religion. I found out early that they could get you injured.

    MC eh? Nice! I hope you get well soon! ((((((((FG)))))))))

  5. Kirima says:

    I agree with views above about not argueing about Religion and infact I dont. But killing people is just plain wrong and gets to me – There is no religion that condones slaughter of innocents by the way.

  6. Mocha! says:

    Finally….a post from Farmgal.

    I am glad the wedo went well despite your allergy. Ati MC….mmhhh!!! Now I know who will be doing that at my wedding! *wink wink*

    As for religious arguments……steer well clear of those!

  7. 3N says:

    Happy Tuesday to you too gal. By the way its 70 virgins but I will still pass on the whole suicide thingie….not my cup of tea.
    Anyway that fokojembe needs prayers, unless one is kissing the other’s blood alcohol content I don’t see how there is a transfer of alcohol.
    Plus can’t they just skip kissing when she drinks?

  8. three types of crazy says:

    pole on the allergies. hope you feel better soon.

    what I would like to ask these bombers–yaani why hasn’t the person who trains them gone and bombed himself up as well- kwani he doesn’t want the 7 or 70 virgins? And really sii wa seme tuu, kwani virgins here on earth are that scarce?

    And for the beer kissed lips- kwani someone is holding a gun to his head and telling him to kiss. Sii he waits and kisses only after breakfast- idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. super says:

    stay safe gal. u better off not arguing—u look smart (and are happier) when you stay above such stuff.

  10. Gish says:

    MC now i know who to call . Glad to hear you are going better. Killing innocent people no matter the “justification” is wrong plain simple.

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