I cant ffind the link to the one below but there’s a part two.

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26 Responses to ‘hirarious’

  1. egm says:

    Yaani folks don’t need to go far to get comedy. Truly funny!

    Uko salama lakini?

    Yaani the site where I got this from…beats mashada.com chat room!
    Am good and allergies out of tha window.

  2. Mocha! says:

    aaaiiii…ok, leo nimelalia mikono!

    off to soma!

    Ulikuwa wapi?

  3. Mocha! says:

    Chica….nikufutwa job nikucheka, ni wewe!!! ROFLMAO….this is just to hilarious!

    I’m surprised you didnt see this at misterseed’s

  4. aegeus says:

    ANNIE July 9 2007, 1:36 AM

    Here is a perfect guy for u and living in London,walakini ni kwamba kama IMEZULULISWA NA KUZULULISWA kama usemavyo basi haina ladha na lazima TWENDE MOT. ….

    Dude wins mazee!! Ati MOT! ROTFL!!!

    MOT—-Ministry of Transport…every car in UK must have an MOT certificate which is issued once every year. Its sort of a health check for your car.
    Lakini you agiasi already know this.

  5. Mocha! says:

    p.s. earplugs are in the bag…LOL!

    Use those on the National express babe! 🙂

  6. udi says:

    LMAO. Damn. London folks. Whats going on?

    Aki this one killed me too!

  7. Chatterly says:

    LOLLL!!! chica muy desesperada

    Peeps get to that age where they get desperate I tell you!

  8. super says:

    Hi Farmgal; Hire a spin-doctor (campaign chief) will do the trick. Goodluck!

    Spin for me? Naaa am good kama peni mbili. Thats just a copy and paste thing I forgot to say.

  9. three types of crazy says:

    is this for real?

    I’ll post the link

  10. super says:

    in the event that this is real, Farmgal can u get ur ass down and outline the ten qualities of the jamaa u looking for that are an ABSOLUTE MUST!? Do you want a southerner or a dude from the north? Then we can line them up for an INTERVIEW! How’s that?

    wewe super we’ll kosana …Its a copy and paste!

  11. mwariwadavid says:

    Too funny!

    I agree!

  12. Gish says:

    It just had to be a kyuk chikita the way those shrubs are IMEZULULISWA NA KUZULULISWA LMAO

  13. Mocha! says:

    LOL…..I pitia misterseed lakini this one pitad me. I knew that is where you got it from. No other forum beats misterseed for hilarity. Peeps are funny those sides. I can’t begin to imagine the hits he patas on the forum alone just for laughs.

    As for earplugs….won’t be needed coz of what we spoke about. So you have nothing to worry about. LOL!

    I sometimes browse …often you find such vichekeshoz. And to think that one could have been serious!

  14. Aizoh says:

    Funniest thing I’ve read today. Who wants that which imezululiswa vile?

    alafu where have you been hiding?

  15. Bomseh says:

    But imezululishwa sana so iko experience hapo and no need to zulula after kupatikana. Apewe chance wengine wazulule kwake pia.

  16. 3N says:

    The read is worth money, hilarious shit. Kwani what kind of folks are on misterseed coz I remember another sex talk a while back that out of this world.

  17. betty says:

    That chik should just burry her head.

  18. Kirima says:

    Hillarious stuff it’s made my day. Kweli people can declare how much they have ‘ zululad’ in this world while looking for a man hehehe!!!

  19. Milo says:

    All I saw was excellence in bed LOL

  20. >d® says:

    Zulula zulula?! LMFAO!

  21. inexes says:

    ANNIE must be a Kao – amezulula zulula kweli!

    na alafu dear – umepona kabisa? unakula nini? fish?

    @Milo – the guy who bewitched you must have died before ‘undoing’ the curse! Eish

  22. farmgal says:

    inexes I ponad. My doctor said it wasnt red meat but bado no clue what it was.
    All that matters is that am well!
    Umefika Botswana?

  23. Half 'n' Half says:

    Zulula zulula? that should have been the first hint!
    halafu…….how do you advertise ati umezulula zulula?

  24. Nakeel says:

    LMAO ati zulula we wait wacha.

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