This is Gloucestershire – FLOODS

This’ll be brief…jana there was no power and we havent had water since sunday evening. I filled the tub up so at least we can flush. But we may not have water for another 7days! Heavens!

some pics from bbc

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24 Responses to This is Gloucestershire – FLOODS

  1. Bomseh says:

    Ofcourse I am first.

    Now you haven’t even recovered fully from your allergies then now no water. Dayyum!

  2. Half 'n' Half says:

    Aki poleni!

    But some BBC dude was saying how there are floods in britain and its not even a 3rd world country! I reckon he deserves it just for that comment!

  3. Gishungwa says:

    Pole my dear you will be ok though keeping you in my prayers.Take care.

  4. aegeus says:

    Water water water everywhere and none to drink! Sorry about that dear. I hope the floods recede soon.

  5. inexes says:

    Wooiiiyeeeee pole!

    I hope you wont have to drink from hte tub…..

  6. Mocha! says:

    Chic….I am glad at least you are ok despite the floods. If only you could toka the city….my home is open to you if you need to get away.

    Take care and charge the simu as soon as the lights come on. Even if its for five minutes!

  7. Kirima says:

    The important thing is that you are OK but do try and keep yourself above water sounds awful especially when I was seeing people on TV being rescued by helicopter.

  8. Nakeel says:

    I hope you will pull through and stay safe. Si Mocha ha opened the door when it threatens to get worse take refuge.

  9. Ms K says:

    Pole sana dear. Jana I was watching and hoping none of my friends was caught up in these. Sad to hear that you are but I’m glad you’re safe/ Take heart my dear, tunakuombea!

  10. woah, that’s pretty crazy! take care and be safe.

  11. I was in that your country the whole of last week and as far as am concerned what you are having is a crazy summer. The Indian moonsons are better.

    Pole for the floods

  12. three types of crazy says:

    {{{{{{farmgal}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}- speechless. But I have to say, big thank yous to the rescue teams all the way

    Sii you stay above water. Stay safe. Just don’t watch the local news- you will cry

  13. 3N says:

    Pole sana farmgal, stay safe.

  14. Chatterly says:

    hope the floods go šŸ˜¦ will keep you all in my prayers

  15. egm says:

    Pole sana. I hope the rains stop and the floods recede soon.

  16. betty says:

    Maaan..that is just terrible..Prayers are being said..don worry you’ll live through it safe and sound!!

  17. farmgal says:

    People thanks for the sympathy lakini am on dry ground! There are homes flooded ten mins from where I live. The thing is I havent had tap water since sunday night and this problem will continue for upto 14days or 7 it keeps changing on radio.
    I need a shower badly…..
    I’m frustrated cos the peeps who arent working are using up all the water supplied. By the time I get home all the free water is gone!
    Yesterday I managed to go to one of those places and got myself five litres for free. But near my home guys were getting ten litres plus!
    If its going to be 14days am sure diseases will start checking in……

  18. Klara says:

    OMG! That’s tough but all will be well..Keep the faith up!! Hope the problem is solved soon..

  19. Gishungwa says:

    came back to check up on you. Glad tohear you are ok still in the knee-mails.

  20. Gishungwa says:

    came back to check up on you. Glad to hear you are ok still in the knee-mails.

  21. udi says:

    wah, pole me dear. 14 days bila maji. thats harsh

  22. Unyc says:

    POle gal, at least uko poa.

    U r all in my prayers!!

  23. modoathii says:

    WHAT! oh my…tunakutakia mema…

  24. munech says:

    hey farmgal. been reading ya bloggs. now decided to board the train.

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