It’s not funny anymore!

Seven days without water
Seven days of two litres of water
For my body and teeth daily!
seven days and we are in UK
Seven days and our house has run out
of flushing water.
seven days of dry water bowsers
Seven days of queuing for free drinking water
Seven days ain’t funny no more!

Ok we may have sanitation water later on today or by thursday! All we have is bottled water which is also my ‘shower’ water.
Thank God my mum lives an hour away. My friends and I spent the weekend there. We got a descent bath and proper food. Bless her for her kindness. We also did our laundry so atleast I’m wearing clean clad.

You guys have a fab week….

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15 Responses to It’s not funny anymore!

  1. Gishungwa says:

    Bless God for mothers. Hope you are better now. still in my knee mails.

    your knee mails much appreciated gal

  2. Nakeel says:

    Pole sana farmgal. You still in my prayers and hope all will be well soon.

    thanks babe..I hear my part of town has water. will find out when I get home coz the state of our bathroom and toilet!

  3. Bomseh says:

    I am sure some people are working on it. But damn, how sufficient is two litres? That is what I drink per day! Pole sana. Hope you get water soon.

    Yes dear two litres for a shower! The good thing is we have plenty of drinking water handed out daily.

  4. inexess says:

    Woiyee pole sana.

    PS: Got my message?

    asante and yes I did. Thanks again!

  5. Mocha! says:

    Wooiii…at least your mum aint far and God bless her for being around. My door is open if you need to get away. Looking forward to your visit. I just hope things will be back to normal soon.

    Back to basics in the UK is kind of a bitch!

    hey babe..will visit as planned. Atleast mum’s aint far sana. Things will be back to normal sometime this week.

  6. Kafai says:

    Hope things get better soon.

    we getting water back on our taps today (I hope)

  7. Half n Half says:

    Still? Wooiye poleni. At least your kanjo when they say today it may be true! (hope so)

    was not happy when I got home to dry taps!

  8. Kirima says:

    7 days I agree is not funny and I wouldn’t be laughing either! Pole sana and I hope you can get your life back together.

    make that 8..but imagine some peeps have to wait till thursday!

  9. egm says:

    Pole sana. Hopefully this will end soon.

    It has..this morning I had a decent shower and cleaned the toilet!

  10. super says:

    I feel for you gal. hold tight.

    thanks super!

  11. three types of crazy says:

    okay lady, apparently your water is back if I should believe what I am hearing. But seriously listen I am like round the corner- I will bring you water if I have to. I will even do laundry service for you. Let me know. I am home like by 5.30 everyday and I wokr half day on Fridays- I CAN DO IT REALLY.Coz water is back to normal here. I will not dare drink it just yet but it is flowing out of taps.

    Thanks gal … We got ours back this morning. where are ya? hit my inbox mkaranja at gmail dot com

  12. udi says:

    Bmore has enough water u cant maliza. just in case you can book BA2069 from LHR to BWI

    are you paying for that ka-flight?

  13. aegeus says:

    I hope things get better soon!

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