Water’s back!

In the early hours of this morning….

And about time too! Yaani si you know women have issues…
I wasn’t looking forward to this week bila water.
Thank God and bless Thames water.
We can’t drink it but we can shower and flush and clean with it. But those are details since we have enough mineral water.
Thank you guys…you’ve kept me sane with your polez.

Back to normality

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22 Responses to Water’s back!

  1. inexess says:


    now farmgal ni nini hii unasema.. eeeiiiwwwww!!

    wewe wacha, unaelewa hizo mambo!

  2. betty says:

    pheeeewww, great timing too aye??..good for you, hope it doesnt potea again during this your ‘week’ lol

    inexcess..nini???mother nature!!

    spit that saliva Betty (direct kyuk trans)

  3. Gathunuku says:

    Glad that’s getting sorted for you

    am soooooo glad!

  4. Mocha! says:

    LOL @ inexes….kwani??? The day wifey will be leaving stained panties all over the bathroom floor ndio utajua maana ya ewwwww vizuri!

    Babes….glad the water is back and on time as well. Me, I dont know how I would have coped. You are a trooper.

    DONT FORGET TO BOIL BEFORE YOU DRINK, COOK OR BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH THE WATER….until you get the all clear from kanjo! I want you to visit me bila cancelling.

    we arent allowed to drink even after boiling…what matters is I can shower and the toilets stay clean!
    Am not cancelling at all

  5. egm says:

    Good for you!

    Inexess, ewww was me walking home one day and finding a used pad on the ground right infront of me that I missed stepping on by very kidogo.

    what can is this that inexess has opened?

  6. super says:

    happy for you gal.

    thanks super..and si you start a blog already!

  7. archer says:

    Woi pole sana for what you’ve had to go through over the last week. Thank God for your ma!

    Inexes wacha siasa!

    yaani we’ve come through it bila major illnesses. Thanks be to God!

  8. One reading your post would think you are in Zimbabwe…only to realize you are in the UK.

    I was wondering what that smell was………………….

    uuuuuiii no you did not just……
    third world or not ..when mother nature strikes, not much one can do!

  9. Mocha! says:

    @Seasons and Reasons…..surely???

    sijui he pays for lunch?

  10. 3N says:

    good to hear life is back to normal. have a good cleaner week.

    most def ! Am gonna wash my hair tonight and have a long shower while am at it!

  11. aegeus says:

    Mazee, glad things are going back to normal, the ka-dove has brought back the leafy twig showing hte waters are receding eh? I am happy for your dear. 🙂

    Noah’s ark eh! ok it hasn’t been thaaaat bad for me.

  12. kirima says:

    back to the first world life at last. Take a shower and enjoy. do peeps in UK also store a stash of water in mitungis like in Nai? maybe you can teach them

    We dont store water…si we thought this is not third world..shock on us. Kwanza i saw a mtungi being sold for £7.99 first time I’ve seen one since I got here many years ago.
    The shower I had jana…pure bliss!

  13. betty says:

    Kirish hehehe …Farmgal tafuta madebe you store water!!


    I think now we’re fine. At least they give warning like 12hrs before it goes off.

  14. inexess says:

    egm – when a teenie (Kitambo) i happened to look into our mbooch travelling bag…. what i found there aaaaauuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii never never again!!!! am still traumatised!!!

    @Mocha – ati u leave uko kwa bafu…. eeeiiiiwwwww!!!

    But i have always been curious how the bullets are fixed into place – u know…… she has refused to demostrate!!!

    what were you looking for in the mboch bag? aii yawa!

  15. three types of crazy says:

    Dear God , please forgive inexess for he really trespasses and no woman is about to 4give him.

    am praying too!

  16. Gishungwa says:

    Glad things are back to normal. Need to talk to you gishungwa@hotmail.com

    I sent you mail babe

  17. Mocha! says:

    Wacha Seasons and Reasons tokeaz….we will order, eat and go to the choo pamoja as soon as the bill comes. He will definately pay for that lunch….LOL!!!!

    Chic, I can’t wait. Now that the weather is timam….picnic in the City au?

    seasons will have to jipanga …
    that piko sounds like much fun…hope the weather holds up!

  18. Mocha! says:

    inexes…..surely? AND I REPEAT…….SURELY? Pitia kwangu in the near future for a demonstration.

    LOL @ 3TOC! I am praying with you sista!

  19. inexess says:

    @Mocha, Directions directions!!

    Or you can do a post on ‘how to vaa a bullet” LOL

  20. Anons says:

    @ Inexess, May God Forbid what I would have done to you was I the Mbochness…
    For how to fix the bullet just google.
    @ farm Gal.. Phew for you. I know the feeling of no water. Even where I am, there has been lack of water for the 2nd week now. Kwanza there was also a blackout for 3days on top of that. I am so pissed. Buying water is not fun.

  21. inexess says:

    I was suspecting she was fichaing stuff huko – dont worry, i have never repeated that act! waaaaa

    Na alafu, i said demostration. google saa ngapi na nyinyi mko hapa? eish

  22. frankie says:

    hi, just stumbled on ur blog..u mean u guys kosa water there also? but at leas it’s over…and how come u are not allowed to drink the water even after boiling? no one will know…

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