I’m learning how to ride one this week.

My first lesson was jana…I fell so those plans are shelved for now. I was given a bike ‘for free’ but I left it somehwere kwa streets za Gloucester. I was very far from home and alone so decided to catch the bus. I think that bike wasn’t good šŸ˜‰
Do they have those tri ones for peeps like me?

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18 Responses to Bicycle

  1. aegeus says:

    How in hell did you spend your childhood? I cannot imagine….i can be coach…me, ME, pick ME! šŸ™‚

  2. At this late juncture? We always assume everyone can ride

  3. inexess says:

    Bicycle right? Not Motor bike! sawa? fare to brito is high hatutaweza kuja kukuona hosi…. LOL enjoy the ride

  4. 3N says:

    This is something I would like to see, grown up farmgal learning how to ride. Si if you fall do us good and post pics. Good luck, if you need tips let me know

  5. egm says:

    Way to go! Na si you convince Mocha of the same? I know at one point she was planning on learning how to do so. Then nikija, we can go on a bicycle tour, ama?

  6. kymmbr says:

    Happy riding. I hope yu are prepared for the numerous falls and dissapointments. Donn worry, it’s a task like any other.

  7. Bomseh says:

    Name the yet to be acquired scar on the knee after me.

  8. threetypesofcrazy says:

    kwani everyone else up here know how to ride a bike……………………………I was just saying. Let me know how long this process takes and injuires acquired and whether it is worth it at this age of being a grown up…………..I am just asking these questions randomly, not that I do not know how to ride a bicycle and yes, give me your teacher’s number.
    That phone call………………will make it. My lunch time leo.

  9. Mocha! says:

    WALALALALALALLALALALALA…..and this was the mami who was laughing at me coz I don’t know how to ride one. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  10. Half n Half says:

    ok me teacher! we all know chicks are better gentler teachers!
    hi hi hi ati you fell? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  11. Klara says:

    RONFL!! For real??? I tried once it was disastrous so I gave up never to try gain!!
    Good Luck dia…

  12. Kirima says:

    Good Luck don’t let the boys scare you but just incase buy a helmet I always assumed a good Farm gal like you knew how to ride a bike, if that fails try a horse.

  13. super says:

    Hi Farmgal… the way to go…get new skills whenever u can……can offer practical lessons just ask!

  14. M says:

    I am on my knees offering prayers for you. Leo Mama Obadiah and her flock will kesha for you. You, Can’t. Ride. A. Bike. Woooooi! Wooooooi!

    I can give you free lessons. I have a 100% success rate. Ask my brothers.

  15. Phassie says:

    tuko wengi. I am yet to learn how to ride a bike and even swim.

    about your latest post: I have been having those moments of late. Hang in there and as a friend suggested, pray. And I will be praying for you too!

  16. M says:

    Looks like I can make very good money teaching Kenyans to ride bikes!!!! Come one come all. Very reasonable rates. Payment is in cake and/or ice cream

  17. Poor Farmgal…YOU CAN’T RIDE A BIKE?! Wuuuuuiiiiiiiii!!! Too much time spent climbing trees in your childhood. Now, do this. Buy a padded fireproof overall ka ile ya Lewis Hamilton, pia helmet. That’s so that no one can identify the grown ass woman falling off her bike on the streets. Scratches utazipata. Dignity escapes unscathed!

  18. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

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