At Mocha’s

My weekend was fabulous to say the least!
I slept loads, mochalicious can testify.
First, I nearly missed my bus..actually when I booked
the bus online..I did it sooooo quick, I put down my departure time for 2am and not 14pm. That would’ve cost me another 27 quid if the driver was’nt understanding..bless him.

Met up with Mocha at Euston station where she’d waited ages coz of the human traffic I had to deal with at Victoria station. It took me an hour to buy my underground ticket!!!!

Nway went this place in eastlondon called afrique ….walalalala..aki South Africans have whack music. Sijui funky house..the beat is kinda nice when you get used to it. The only thing that no one should get used to is the way they dance. Its beyound dirty dancing … have to see it to believe it.

Nway am back home and back to work but feeling the worse for wear. I look tired although I slept very well. Maybe its the travelling. Alafu Mocha that Salmon was off the hook! The chinese was fab but next time am ordering the same thing you’re eating.

Overall was a good weekend. Afterall man-useless lost!

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17 Responses to At Mocha’s

  1. Mocha! says:

    Yaani…I was prepared to write a proper comment until I saw the last sentence….. 😦

  2. inexess says:

    FG, did you get my ‘hug’ from Mocha!? Glad you had a fab wikendi. Next time try overland – wachana na underground!

    Alafu – Soccer tena? After Pensioners corrupted the Ref to award them a dubious penalty? LP deserved to WIN! lakini ni sawa tu… 😉

    PS: Poleni ManU(res)

  3. Naks says:

    Should have spared the Salmon. Glad you had a fab weekend despite us lossing next pia nyinyi the jinx of Community shield.

  4. aegeus says:

    Lo! Glad you all had a great time. FG pole about the hassles of the travel. 🙂

  5. udi says:

    Yaani u can talk about Man U, yet you guys stole a game. and could only draw. No wonder u kataad to reply to my text

  6. Bomseh says:

    Hehehee, so you saw what I tolerate daily? The whack dancing? LOL. You shud see them live at home ground. Alafu ati Man-U lost? Kwani they played against who when and why?

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    hehehehehe, kwani I am not the only one who still lines up to buy underground tickets………………then again you may have well beeen linning up to use those machines that I have refused to trust (yes, I think one day they will take more money than they say they are taking and how am I going to sue a machine>?)

    Glad you had a fantastic weekend and I can see how 2a.m. and 14 hours (ama pm) are the same.

  8. Kirima says:

    Nice to see you also had fun this weekend. About ManU no comment 😦

  9. egm says:

    Ah, good that you had a sawa weekend.

  10. Gishungwa says:

    Tis nice to know yu had a fab weekend. Hope the rest of the week is just as good.

  11. Seems you guys enjoyed your weekend! Now, where are the pics?

    Yes, MAN USELESS LOST!!! See what comes with winning the Community Shield? I mean, look at Loserpool last sesaon?!

    As for our draw with Liverpool, it’s not our fault that the ref blundered and awarded us a pena. After all, it was only fair revenge for that bootleg goal that Liverpool scored against us in the Champions League semifinal in 2005 at An(t)field, where it was proved that the ball DID NOT cross the line and therefore Liverpool did not deserve to win! So Jimbo, washa siasa!!

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  13. modoathii says:

    yep, always feel the same after a relaxing holiday..always worse for wear…why? sijawai elewa. could be the travelling…ama the hangover from resting…

  14. Nakeel says:

    Please FG tell your house to stop comsuming my texts. Did you bakisha the Salmon? Glad you enjoyed.

  15. I saw the salmon on Mocha’s blog, I keep thinking of it when I’m in class! Man Utd aren’t so useless, just have no strikers at the moment but relief is on the way. Don’t ask why I’m speaking up for them, I’m not a fan!

  16. kip says:

    interesting.. iwonder how life is in the u k……….. curiosity killed the cat..

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