So I met one of the three types of crazy. We spent some quality time chatting over a drink or two. Went to my pal’s house then picked up another pal.
Was such a great night what with all the redbull I had! I swuuurr that stuff gives you wings.
She’s such a laugh and yes she’s nutters. I love meeting bloggers, why lie!

She actually made it out of the city without making use of the her phone. Now you know your way here..next time ditch the tom tom.

Went for a fabulous BBQ at some lake in Cirencester. Although it was a bit nippy we had a good time. We raced, played kati and ate alot of nyama, mokimo and ugali. Some guys braved the cold water and went for a swim in the lake.
Today am all about sleep. People should not have such kind of fun on a sunday!

I hope all y’all had a fab weekend!
Happy monday I dare say!

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14 Responses to 3TOC

  1. Xs says:

    ***Chatting & waving placards – WE WANT PICTURES! Say it with me!

    Glad you had fun (even after being kept waiting for hours…LOL).
    Happy Monday tooooo!

  2. Kirima says:

    Nice you all had such a good time with 3TOC number 1 so when are you meeting the other two.
    I also had a good time this weekend so it was all around

  3. shamza says:

    Alafu “Some guys braved the cold water and went for a swim in the lake”….we all know which ‘3’ guys did :D.

  4. Mocha! says:

    I can see yet another fab weekend.

    I am with Shamza….where are the pics???

    So….it has been confirmed she is crazy huh? Nice one.

    Do I hear a girls day out on my next visit ama ni mimi tuu?

  5. threetypesofcrazy says:

    People, what is with al the placards- atii pictures. Sii Farmgal will draw a nice picture when she gets the crayons.
    I had a fab time. When I ditch the tomtom, just know I am starting out to yours six hours in advance.

    @mocha- girls day out na in pia.just holla in advance.

  6. kip says:

    is she as crazy as her pen work sounds. ..is she like colgate…. 3 in one family protection ……

    weka picha

  7. Gishungwa says:

    Pics pics pics glad that you had fun and i agree i love meeting bloggers too.

  8. Bomseh says:

    PICS PICS! OK. Mine is more specific. The ones where you were playing kati. I am good at it, especially the aiming, and hitting. Do you play the other one called hapoo?

  9. munech says:

    oki guys seems one is worth a 1000 words. farmgal do the necessary

  10. egm says:

    Sounds like it was quite the weekend. Meeting bloggers sure is fun!

  11. Pilato says:

    Eish, what is this pic talk all about ? Farmgal, please send me one too if it was a beach shot..pleaseeee!

  12. 3N says:

    wacha I join the crowd….We Want Pics!!

    in the meantime you can do an expose of the 1st of the crazies.

  13. Klara says:

    I agree with Inexes Picha ziko??? Just kidding Bt 3TOC must be lots of fun..

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