It has been a long wait but my car was finally sold.
I thank the good Lord.

Those asking for 3TOC’s pics…if she says yes am game!

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21 Responses to Sold

  1. Bomseh says:

    Where have you stashed the mbeca? Coming atcha!~

    She (3TOC) told me yes. I am now waiting.
    Am waiting for the mbeca to be wired! Then I’ll go hide… 🙂

  2. 3N says:

    howz your weekend going farmgal, umenyamaza siku hizi.

    anyway so long to your car and 3TOC has just told me that you can send me all the mbichas

    Hey 3N I’m detoxing from the net…lakini very mucho around!

  3. Shamza says:

    Kwani 3ToC said yes to everyone? Uh well, save the pain of individually sending each one and just post them already 🙂
    wacha I send her aka preview first! And are you in the UK dude?

  4. Now that you sold it, what will you use to pic me up for the lunch? I don’t do cabs or trains. If its not your car, hire a limo.

    30TC pics..please please
    lol ati you dont do cabs or trains? Will arrange some proper transport with 3TOC. Hope she wont mind! My moti was in kenya. Over here I get on the bus!

  5. threetypesofcrazy says:

    hehehehehehe yaani I get here and find I am wanted how?????!!!!!!!!
    Dear Farmgal, sweetheart, honey, darling, the sugar in my tea this morning( and you know how many I have!)- let’s not confirm my madness hapa, hapa.Are those pictures safe for viewing before 10p.m. tihihihi? Don’t be putting photos of me flat on the floor, “legs in air” type dances!!!!!! Are the photos safe? ( and don’t find out by posting them) ahem-can I have a sneak pre-view (in my inbox)-email is on it’s way to you.

    @seasonsandreasons- hehehehehehehe did you say you will be need a ride? mmmhhhh Farmgal sii you have a map!hehehehehehe
    Been wanting to send those pics ebu I’ll send them leo

  6. Muthii Fulani says:

    hebu muangushe izo mboto tunataka kuziscope…black forest kumbe dinga was still up for sale…ningeikwachu mara one!…anywho glad imekindwa…baadae…

  7. Shamza says:

    Ok, first am a chic K? 😀 and no, am in Eire, but do my fare rounds in UK. Pics please

  8. pilato says:

    So are you buying another wheel?..i am selling my 1917 VW classic

  9. Mocha! says:

    Chic……3 TOC hollad in my sleep and agreed for me to see the ‘legs in the air’ pics!!! LMAO!

    Since you have sold your moti….does that mean your plans for going back have been panned for now?

    What is this I see that Seasons doesnt do? Wacha maringo dadiii!

    Shamza….si when you are down you holla, ama ni aje Farmgal?

  10. betty says:

    Good on yeah gal!!…now we need to throw a basjh and paaartttyyy in Celebration..ati you like meeting bloggers?? lol coooooooll i know i messed up that other one with mocha sooooob (found myself on the other side of the channel)..wewe…soonest, throw a bash!!!

  11. kip says:

    bado am still trying to imagine… how do bloggers look ………………………………….! at what point do you accept that ok i want to meet blogger X Y Z …!!!!!!

    3TOC .. I am total curious to see pikcha yako na huyu mnyama anaitwa shambagal ……….

  12. Klara says:

    Great to hear that!!

  13. Xs says:

    Send the pics and i’ll buy your next car chap chap! cancel that i’ll buy you your next car!!!! LOL

  14. egm says:

    Okay, that picture of legs in air dancing style is the only one I want!

  15. Adrian says:

    sasa umepata pesa, si utubuyie soda?
    mimi nataka blackcurrant 🙂

  16. frankie says:

    good that u sold the car, si u post those pics, i have always wondered how other bloggers look like, though am yet to meet any…
    does 3TOC look as crazy as she sounds (with legs in the air types of dancing?)..

  17. udi says:

    now I know who is paying for rudge tickos

  18. farmgal says:

    3TOC kataad so poleni.. Maybe I’ll post the next ones

  19. threetypesofcrazy says:


  20. kip says:

    someones $$$ need to be cut………….

  21. modoathii says:

    ah, kumbe mots was hukuz…si ungetuambia tukuuzie chap chap?

    shamza…ati uko aire? british! please don’t tell me you pronounce that as ‘aya’, ‘haiya’?

    kwani hizo pix zinaaa…wazimu three kwa pozi fortey.

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