Just how do people/fraudsters sleep at night? I have this mate of mine who moved to Texas afew months ago. She is now living in a ‘town’ (whatever they’re called over there) where you have to have a car to get to work. Since she couldn’t get any credit she was introduced to someone who was suppsed to help her buy a moti on credit. On her she had like $2k which she gave the jamaa. 4months down the line the guy and his brother (who is her brothers friend hence the trust) have completely blanked her! They have obviously spent her money and left her high and dry. How do some kenyans sleep at night. Honestly his ass should get kicked out of America if prying on newbies who feel helpless is his day job.

She’s now is a huge financial mess… She has proof that she gave the guy the money but she hasnt got anything in writing to say what the money was meant to be for.

This past weekend I went and pandad soem rides. I was with a neighbour of mine and some friends. There’s this ride thats called Musik express. I pandad with my neighbour who is a grown kenyan man. He started by saying..”I dont like this thing” and you know when you arent enjoying those rides, they seem to take forever to stop. He was almost having a heart attack while shouting STOP! STOP! I only could hear him lol I have never been so dazed in my life but that guy made it easy for me. I missed out on the really mad rides cos all my mates refused to be tempted and there is no way am going alone.
I dont even care what this one is called cos hata na dawa sipandi!
This is where the dude was going like stop! lol
then there was the ‘Body count’ i really wanted to go on this one but the body count part and the fact that at some point you’re upside down, didnt go down too well with me.
See what I mean!
Nway you guys have a fab week and if you know that Kenyan American conman whistle blow!

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9 Responses to Random-ness

  1. Muthii Fulani says:

    wow…i am a thrill seeker and those rides present an opportunity…. 🙂 now about people who fleece others must have a heart of stone…me here who will not make away with even like a 10 bob change difference…it has to be correct if not i shall return the excess cash before i leave or if i realise later i shall bring it right back….i am strange like that…anywho how are you doing dear?
    Yaani thweetheart you’re muthii fulani! LOL am good though. You?

  2. Kahiu says:

    Pass the email to you friend and ask her to hit me up, they might be a way to recover the monies.
    Will pass on the email. Thanks!

  3. modoathii says:

    BRING ON THOSE RIDES! man they look exciting, i want. lakini not in kenya…mazee here stuff doesn’t work and…you know where i’m going.

    as for the conmen, it’s sad sad sad, that a kenyan can do that to his fellow kenyan away from home kwanza…heartless B….ehm…

  4. Mocha! says:

    Even me I wonder how people sleep at night…..or wake up in the morning for that matter. I was conned once and it wasnt funny! So I can imagine how your pal feels. I am sure there are ways to get the money back.

    As for those rides….I think I have grown old. Vile I enjoy them lakini after awhile, I get a migrane like a nonsense.

    Chic…I am sawa. I will email you details!!!

  5. 3N says:

    those rides, I can’t get on them again — I need to live beyond 20 something. maybe a slow one but 3N is not being flung in the air, no way.

    on your friend I feel terrible for her especially because if she had known she could have gotten a servicable car with 2K or there about.

    cheers farmgal

  6. pilato says:

    Eish ! some people are just mburukenges squared…pole
    to your friend and i pray..yes i pray she gets her dollars one
    way or another..or both

    Ain’t getting nowhere near those rides…hata kwa dawa..ok
    unless i am high gauged

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    when the conman is found, sii they beat the 2K out of him plus interest.

    I am feeling dizzy just by looking at those rides.

  8. Shamza says:

    Been there (conned) and it aint funny. Some people dont have souls, yaani even the devil will not let them in hell!
    Me I want the rides

  9. egm says:

    I am involved in a court case right now cause of something like this. The thing that killed me is how high and mighty the guy was living. But shock on him when a suit was brought against him. And now he is also being sought after for criminal proceedings. So today when I think of how he is squirming in his trousers wondering what next, I just laugh heartily.

    As for the rides, I have just one thing to say: Superman Ride of Steel. Front seat. That is thrill in action!

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