Mourinho has left the building

What next for Chelsea?
He started in June 2004 and announced his departure last night!

Anway dudes can be funny. Take this jamaa who’s asked me to go on an all expense paid trip to the U.S of A! Now that’s what you call an indecent proposal! What will I be doing with him in hotel rooms for a week?
He’s been hinting ati am ‘dateable’ but ai NO!

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20 Responses to Mourinho has left the building

  1. Mourinho who? I swear I feel nothing for Soccer- English or otherwise.

    You would if you lived in England. Trust me!

    As for the Dude who thinks you are dateable…. why not go on the may be pleasantly suprised

    You know what, there are peeps I’d rather not encourage. This one is one of those!

  2. archer says:

    I’m depressed!
    Cheer up! We’ll soon be breathing down some team’s neck.

  3. dcm says:

    he was sacked thats what!
    unbelievable,with a manutd game ahead.capello seems like the likely candidate.
    Thats not what they’re saying. Nway waiting for the official word from Chelsea

  4. Xs says:

    You can always ask for your own room alafu unalala na jicho moja open!

    Poleni for loosing Josephine Maureenwhore!

    I’d rather know when you know soemone is interested. Best to just lenga their offers.
    On footie we’ll soon have a proper manager!

  5. egm says:

    Like Xs says, I’d ask for my own room. And enjoy it to the max. Then head back home and move on like nothing happened. Si he’s the one doing the offering, not you the asking!

    Ai, I don’t want a dude realing a single of how he took me to states and then dropped him like he was hot!

  6. Tweety says:

    Eh, that’s an obscene offer!

    About Maureen-whore, can’t commiserate on that one!

    Tweety at least help me mourn at Jose’s departure!

  7. pilato says:

    Ati Mourinho?..wacha akwende, si bado Drogba yuko? Essien?..what more do you want?

    First jipange financially juu the guy may act chameleon when there and tell you to bring it on or you eat stones and tembea back home..Unless the guy is famous enough to dread the Tabloids, please act undateable

    You’re right least we have th players.

    Trust me I lenga his vibe like am deaf! No way am going anywhere with him!

  8. Mocha! says:

    LOL…poleni. As a Man U fan……this is the best news so far. Lakini jana felt like a sore losers day…..ama its just me???

    As for the trip…….i would accept but ask the guy to send me the chums. Then I blank him. Ngamia yeye!! Then why do you have to go….kwani he can’t come to you and swatch in a hotel.

    Chic first things first ..I’ve missed you lotsa. As a celebrating man-useless fan ngomongo wewe!
    I doubt he’d be sending anyone his money. Its a ticket or bilaz.

  9. Muthii Fulani says:

    how about continuous headaches for a week? ama suggest you go then he comes the week after you came back tihiii!! indecent proposals indeed!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lol. Now thats a plan though I doubt he’d agree to that! He keeps telling me that if I was his. He’d be taking me everywhere with him. And yes he travels alot like that!

  10. Eff Dee Eye says:

    You lucky thing!…. I’ve always wanted to use that line on a chile! LOL

    FDI wasup..thanks for stopping by!

  11. Klara says:

    Ati Mourinho Left? Haiya ma doing badly so behind da news!

    Klara ebu read the papers chic.

  12. Kirima says:

    Wrong way for Mourinho to go he should have at least have waited for Sundays game with Man U before packing.
    That proposal you mean you aren’t the leat bit tempted? I mean all expenses paid!!

    He’s wekad pressure on our boys mbaiya sana! But it doesnt matter we’ll beat your boys!

    I’m not tempted one bit. I said no so quick mpaka he winced!

  13. threetypesofcrazy says:

    FARMGAL, I AM LAUGHING.I Can’t write anymore “capital letters”than this. Laughing mami, laughing.Sii you know why? Pole, lakini let me laugh.

    I know why. Endelea tu..I’ll have the last laugh, trust me!

  14. udi says:

    Farmgal, for you solicitating for all expense trip, I asked Roman to fire Mourinho. I have clout like that.

    LOL Udi! Na vile I was thinking I just make the trip lakini disappear huko Balts… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Milo says:

    Plan the trip for that time of the month hehehehehehehe

    Speaking out experience are we?

  16. prou says:

    In your place I would go for that trip. I guess that is why no one if offering me. LOL lakini there are people I would not even dream of being exposed to for that long.

  17. super says:

    Jose was the special one– made me an avid supporter of Chelsea–now that Murinho has left, I switch my allegiance back home–Arsenal!!

    As for the proposal, listen to your gut and dont always assume going to California automatically results to Californication.

  18. modoathii says:

    mourin-go! (hmm i can get a job in the english press and their funny headlines)

    ‘horsee’ has ridden into the sunset…awww! but it will be sad-ish. he made the premier league lively…now we are left with a miraa-chewing red-face…hehehe…

    super you’re a switcher how? where’s allegiance bana…

  19. 3N says:

    I have been mourning since Jose packed his bags….lakini we will be alright. now if only drogba can come back, oh and fuck ManUseless

    now farmgal is it fair that I make such a good offer and then you put it out in the open. i swear i didn’t have any ill motives, si you just come and we share a good time. i will even stay in a different room.

  20. Gishungwa says:

    am with you sometimes agreeing to the trip is some unspoken agreement to something. I would pass and to thin i had already ordered the dress and a hat sob sob

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