Love is strange

whats love to you?

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25 Responses to Love

  1. Lioness says:

    It’s the sun in my eyes
    turning up my lips in a wide smile
    Its the feeling that all’s well
    and that God has my back
    It’s trusting enough to know
    that whatever may go wrong
    I will be there for me

    Lioness amen to that lakini the last line ni mistake au?

  2. pilato says:

    Haiya, look who is first in here.

    I don’t catch least not the true part of it.
    An obsessive delusion that is cured by marriage
    is what i call love..

    Pilato you’re mad 😉

  3. pilato says:

    Sob Sob..But I was the first one in here !

    Ok ok you’re fast, now stop the water works

  4. super says:

    anything with an after-taste


  5. Mocha! says:

    LOL @ pilato and super!!!

    Love is unconditional, truth and communication.

    Manyanga…what brought this on?

    nothing brought this on..was just thinking out loud!

  6. Xs says:

    Love Is Strange! Nuff said!

    @Mocha! need ask? Si that offer to fly to stato ala? Love is in the air. LOL

    PS: FG – I got your Ujumbe….

    You…stato aint happening,
    I read your blog..I elewad!

  7. muthii fulani says:

    hiyo ni ngumu! love is patient…love is kind…love …iko mahali kwa Bibilia…too lazy to google it…are you all right black forest?

    🙂 black forest is sawa lakini dude why you quoting the bible. Speaketh from your heart ‘kafadhali’

  8. Love is the most misused word in the English language.

    But to quote Musiq ” Love: Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray; Love:for better or worse I still will choose you first”


  9. gish says:

    love is trust, dependability,companionship,compromise. oh and that sheepish grin that just wont go away.

    aaahhh that sheepish grin…we all know that one don’t we? Even our brodaz!

  10. Guessaurus says:

    I will go with the stupid grin that wont go away.
    Hi FG – u good?

    He babe am good. Where on this earth are ya?

  11. threetypesofcrazy says:

    “what’s love but a second hand emotion. what’s love got to do, got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?”

    “looooooove , love is strange ohhhh, Lots of people ohhh take it for a game”

    What is love to me? iiissshhh how long have you got. Bring chocolate and the film “life is beautiful”, I will talk as we watch.

    I got time, how about we put that on the to do list when we have the Girls night in!

  12. mteja says:

    love is timeless

    I’ll ponder on that!

  13. muthii fulani says:

    love is listening to three.types.of.crazy sing WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off key and not cringe and throttle her to stop the assault on eardrums and after she is done…you clap and yell out ENCORE, ENCORE!!! 😀

    I’ll let her take that one!

  14. three types of crazy says:

    ssssssssssslllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppsssssssssssssss, coming someone’s way. someone is getting sandak flying towards them. atii I sing off key, no way.

    I’ll let you two play!

  15. katch up says:

    love is giving and then receiving. you love, you’re loved, you trust you’re trusted.
    love is not selfish.
    love initiates.
    love pays back, huh!

  16. betty says:

    Love is just that lool undescribable emotions and boy isn’t it strange.

    yes Seasons is is such a misused word!

  17. Mocha! says:

    WEWE 3TOC…..ebu put this on the list to talk about on GNO/I (GIRLS NIGHT OUT/IN for the anti radars)…….am niaje FG???

    I will bring a chic-flick….will anything with Jet Li work? LMAO!!!

  18. threetypesofcrazy says:

    how now, chic-flick and then you say Jet Li…………….you have jokes mami!

  19. Guessaurus says:

    Farmgal – I is skiving stateside.. will email you soon. I Promise.

  20. 3N says:

    love is a connection that even after relationships end a flame for the one you truly loved still burns

  21. modoathii says:

    singing off key…on a keyboard….hmmm!

    ati a movie with jet li ni chickflick…LOL

    L is for the way you look at me
    O is for the only one i see
    V is very very eeeextraordinary
    E is even more than anyone that you adore…
    that’s LOVE!

    love sio kupenda kupindukia?

  22. I was bloghoeing and came across GNM’s blog and the current post to me describes love. Check out
    Quite deep.

  23. Bomseh says:

    Kip is asking again, OK. Love is a game where both players cheat. Two minds without a single thought. I also know an acronym for L.O.V.E but I’ll save it since there is no age restriction in here. To sum it all up, Love is an MF.

  24. prou says:

    Not strange at all, faithful kind humble all the time Corinthians I think.

    But there are some interesting descriptions here …

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