Mosquito bites Man-Useless

Championship side Coventry sprung a major surprise by sending a re-shuffled Manchester United crashing out of the Carling Cup at Old Trafford. Thanks to Michael Mifsud nicknamed ‘Mosquito’

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11 Responses to Mosquito bites Man-Useless

  1. modoathii says:

    hahaha…walipata malaria….i heard it on radio and was the happiest..not one, but two good…man, useless indeed…hahaha…

  2. Mocha! says:

    AAAhhhhh… that why you called jana??? Thank God I went to bed early!!!

  3. Mocha! says:

    Misterseed link not working!!!

  4. Muthii Fulani says:

    floating like a feather in the breeze…more info..anyone?

  5. Xs says:

    Today all MANure fans are unavailable for comment! I overheard them saying that Carling cup is a worthnothing cup thus they played 2nd team! Crap, It doesnt matter who is out there in the field – if u wearing AIG T-shirt, being coached by Fergie – wewe ni ManU period. Mli*^nywa bila Kon*om! LOL

  6. Xs says:

    FG, How come you are not ululating over your win over HULL?
    Hull is akina nani you ask? So did I but apparently Chelsea did them for 4 without a reply.

  7. pilato says:

    Conventry ni kina nani? Wacha ni google..will be back to comment

  8. Gathunuku says:

    Obviously Sir Alex has a thing or two to learn from Arsene about youth development. His young guns getting beaten by a lacklustre, mid table Championship side like Coventry is just embarrassing.

  9. Kirima says:

    As I sit here blushing I can’t help but ask all you who are celebrating SO????
    Worthless cup hatutashinda.

  10. Betty says:

    i feel nothing for Man U so yeiiiiiiiiiiiii at the fall.

  11. 3N says:

    good for ManUseless they deserve to loose even more.

    p.s. still mourning departure of Jose, but at least Drogba is back this weekend.

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