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I Can’t Live Without You. Literally!

I spent the weekend In Manchester with my beautiful nephew Jr. Honestly that baby is cute and doesn’t cry much! Anyway….. I met up with a friend of mine, he told me this true story over a drink. The weekend … Continue reading

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Of work and insecure lovers

EDIT Please read Mwari’s current post if you haven’t. The matters at work have gone out of hand and am now left no choice but to seek legal advice. I’ll not be blogging about it for now cos I … Continue reading

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Should I??

So yesterday, things went from bad to shall I say worst! And as much as I want to forgive and not do anything about this dude. I think I should write an official complaint. My supervisor came to me and … Continue reading

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So, I finished the book about Grace yesterday and today am faced with an oportunity to forgive. This guy I work with (white) has decided to make me a target of I don’t know what. He decided that the websites … Continue reading

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He who can’t forgive another, breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself. George Herbert

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