He who can’t forgive another, breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself.

George Herbert

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17 Responses to Forgiveness

  1. Bomseh says:

    But even though you forgive, they must never forget and neither shud you.

    It may be difficult to forget but we must try.

  2. Kafai says:

    Can you force yourself to forgive someone?

    No, but you can ask God for help in that department if you struggle.

  3. Muthii Fulani says:

    forgive…easier to say than do….but if you wish to be forgiven yourself you need to be able to…but as bomseh says never ever forget…

    quoting the Lord’s prayer ..forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me..How do I expect God to forgive me if I dont want to forgive.

  4. pilato says:

    The faster you forgive and forget, the faster you move on ..I forgive too easily and move on so fast

    That’s the spirit!

  5. Mocha! says:

    HHHHMMMMM…very true!!!

    So, what is this all about???

    Am reading a book on Grace. It’s amazing that Grace is free. For(give)ness is *given to someone who is not deserving.

  6. Bomseh says:

    Eeh, who is it about? That nanii?

    Yaani it has to be about someone?

  7. 3N says:

    i agree and add that if you forgive then you have to forever let go of it, not forget but carry no ill feelings.

    The scars will not go away but when we look at them we should not hurt. Thats when you know you’ve forgiven!

  8. Kirima says:

    I agree we shouldn’t close the door on all who have wronged us but it is important that we don’t loose the lesson so we shouldn’t forget totally.

    I agree, lessons should never be forgotten!

  9. threetypesofcrazy says:

    How true, that quote.
    I don;t think forgiving is the hard part, i’s the forgetting and yet, isn’t that what total forgiveness is. To forgive= to wipe a slate clean.
    Forgiving and forgetting= choosing not to remember.


    You’d be amazed how difficult some people find it hard to forgive. Have you heard someone say ”that is unforgivable, even in the eyes of God” But whatever it is must be forgiven! The ‘forgiver’ can only heal if they choose to fogive. The forgiven also has no peace of mind unless forgiven.

  10. We must forgive..yes must!! But its so haaaard to forgive betrayal. But..we MUST forgive.

    The book am reading challenges the Jewish people to forgive the Germans. How difficult is it to forgive those who have killed your family. But so that they may heal, they need to forgive. If the Jewish took revenge and in some years the Germans do likewise…unforgiveness causes a cycle of conflict within and without!

  11. We must forgive..yes must!! But its so haaaard to forgive betrayal. But..we MUST forgive.

    Don’t worry its just me fighting my demons….but I MUST forgive??

    Prayers do work! Ask God to help you forgive….ask yourself, how does it affect you not to forgive that betrayal?

  12. threetypesofcrazy says:

    I have heard it said that “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover that the prisoner was you”.


  13. modoathii says:

    some really deep stuff here….i like this too “It’s amazing that Grace is free. For(give)ness is *given to someone who is not deserving.” how true. it jazzes me when i forgive he/she who is never expecting forgiveness, you can see the relief in their eyes and it makes me a better person too. i forgive and forget but learn from the lesson!

    very true 3TOC, ever noticed how it burdens us to walk past someone we are refusing to forgive?

    Unforgiveness is a burden and a prison to the one who refuses to forgive.

    If a mother/father refuses to forgive their son/daughter. And swears the’ll never forgive them.That ungrace is carried through generations. For the unforgiven will most likely behave the same towards their own children if they ever did anything that didnt ‘derserve’ forgiveness.

  14. Gishungwa says:

    Forgiving and forgettingg is one of the hardest things to do yet worth every bit since the burden is lifted. 😉

    The relief of forgiveness!

  15. ciiku says:

    I think its also very very very hard to sometimes forgive ourselves – at least for me it is. This has been (and continues) to be my struggle these last few years. In a lot of ways, I find it easier (albeit w/ the aid of time), to forgive others.

  16. Twaddlie says:

    Somethin i need to do. But again when u forgive that person once, twice and they still doing whatever ISH i think there are those who just need Gods forgiveness..mine dnt seem to have any effects of change!

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