So, I finished the book about Grace yesterday and today am faced with an oportunity to forgive. This guy I work with (white) has decided to make me a target of I don’t know what. He decided that the websites I visit (Kenyaunlimited) is palying up with some programs on the comps at work.
It all kicked off last week when I used the comp for less than a minute to get a phone number. He dashed off to my supervisor to tell the dude that I was online. What he didn’t expect was for me to find him telling. since then he has decided that he will make it a personal mission of his for me not to be online at all.

Now My boss is a resonable guy and he lets us go online as long as it not during work. I told him and I told my supervisor that am feeling discriminated cos if the other peeps who are all white go online. The dude doesn’t tell on them.

Anyway how hilarious is God? He teaches you something and then gives you an opportunity to practise! Now am seething inside and at some point I wanted to go the the union! Yeah am seething that much but I know I have to forgive him cos he knows not what he’s doing!

I need to hold my peace!

And as for you Father … 🙂

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10 Responses to Discrimination

  1. Muthii Fulani says:

    awfully sorry about that black forest ((((((((((((((((((FG))))))))))))))))))) shall i come and dispense a few slaps dearest? you know i will go jackie chan on his posterior!! the gall!! how is a website connected with sabotaging a program? wooooooosah!

  2. katch up says:

    Worry not farmgal. Am happy you did forgive the chap coz unforgiveness can hurt as much as an unpleasant act.

    How much the subject relates to my today’s post @ katch up!

  3. Xs says:

    Can u sambaza a slap on my behalf? ASHIDWE!

  4. Adrian says:

    going to the union doesn’t necessarily stop you from forgiving, that’s just doing the necessary to prevent something similar happening to someone else.

  5. pilato says:

    Pole sana..I went through the same ordeal last month.
    Some Boer reports that Pilato is eating up the 4 gigs
    monthly bandwith in the office but since the boss needs
    me more than i need him- meaning that he is misusing
    me- he let it go but i diplomatically quit working full time
    and go freelance in the same company…

    Its good you forgave him..Now act like nothing happened..
    buy the chap some pink roses…i did get the Boer a movie

  6. Kirima says:

    That sounds so unfair I would also be understandably pissed off. Whatever you decide to just hold your head up high.

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    kwani where did my comment go???

    you know wht they say…. be careful what you ask for, for you might get it. Now you are in a place where you can choose to forgive. It will be hard but I agree with Pilato, do something good for the dude.

    OR,OR,OR…..slap the dude and then teach him how to forgive. tihiiiiii

  8. I think it is great you choose to forgive him. As an employer I worry that employees spend too much time on the internet( I believe I do too much blog lurking). We have therefore come into an agreement… Block access during peak work hours and allow access before 8AM, at lunch time and after 5. It works fine but I may block Facebook and Youtube.

  9. Mocha! says:

    LMAO @ MF ….. ati WOOOSSAAAHHH!!!!

    Gosh….I think that is what you should be doing FG….breath in and out to calm down. What goes around, comes around. Dude will get his one day!!!

    Mob hugs heading your way!!!!

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