Of work and insecure lovers


Please read Mwari’s current post if you haven’t.


The matters at work have gone out of hand and am now left no choice but to seek legal advice. I’ll not be blogging about it for now cos I don’t know who’s larking around here. When it’s all resolved, I’ll share with you!

On other matters. Would you date an insecure person? I know from experience that it’s hard work! See….

A friend of mine was literally attacked by someone she considered a friend. She’d spent the day with this couple (The jamaa is my pal’s distant relative) and she’d gone to their house bearing a gift for their new born baby. She even assisted in food preparation for the guests who had come from out of town.

By the end of last sato night though, the woman claimed my pal was after her man. It was an ugly scene. I won’t share the details though. But the whole saga reminded me why I will never want to date an insecure man again!

One full time job is enough for me, thank you very much!

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21 Responses to Of work and insecure lovers

  1. frankie says:

    Hope for the best at work…all of us bloggers support u..

    and no insecure men for me or for any women please..u can’t even talk to any other person who is male bila him complainig…

    Thanks for your support.
    insecurity is a relationship killer!

  2. Gishungwa says:

    {{FG}} pole and all the best in the work drama.

    I have learnt if i am insecure then i have no business dating and the same should apply to the rest. That becomes a lot of work monitoring and micro-managing your partner eh! for me insecurity means you don’t trust the person.

    thanks for your mingi hugs!
    You are so right! An insecure person is always sick with worry if their nani is away from them. Instead of having a mental breakdown its best not to date.

  3. Muthii Fulani says:

    all the best with those matters, now legal.

    as for dating an insecure mama, please hold that door open for me! wah! i have done that and it is not worth the drama that can ensue….walk away swiftly…it does not usually end well…

    Thanks blackforest!
    More like show me the nearest exit!

  4. super says:

    Farmgal I truly empathize with your situation. You know my sentiments. I have a feeling you can turn this lemon into a lemonade.

    You thanks for your calls and for listening to me whinning. May the good Lord repay your kindness!

  5. Kirima says:

    Pole on the work situation accept my moral support.
    On insecure people and relationship I have to say it is quite annoying I would hate having someone checking my every move. I cannot be happy if the person I am in a relationship with is not happy either.

    Thanks for the support!
    Its true that if one person is not happy the other will not be. I know we have a responsibility to make sure the other feels secure. But there’s only so much one can do.

  6. Bomseh says:

    Si it’s the mamaa who is insecure here?Lakini in most cases where there’s smoke theres fire. Maybe she behaved in an inappropriate manner at one time somewhere.

    Good luck in your pursuit of justice. Update required.

    In MOST cases, where there’s smoke there’s fire…I can assure you in this case there was no smoke. This is her relative we’re talking about and they’ve not only just met. I hope it was just a moment of madness from the other mamah!

    Will update you guys!

  7. Mocha! says:

    I will call you!!!

    You’ve been missed! I have lots on my plate but not to say am too busy to talk. Hope all is well with you.

  8. modoathii says:

    i pray it all works out well for you. tuko ‘gether!

    as for the insecurity, NEVER! mazee, i value my kamaisha..you never know what that insecure mama will do, to you or whoever you are seen with…mazee, my cuzo was/is in one…the drama i hear and see…three much…

    Thanks Modo!
    Si you tell your cuzo to to scatter ama he’s that head over …

  9. Shamza says:

    Hope and praying for the best at work. Definately someone should be taught a lesson or two
    Insecure man…no thanks!

    Thanks for the maombi shamza. I’m praying that I do the right thing in those matters at work.

  10. modoathii says:

    thanks farmgal for redirecting us to mwari’s blog. valuable lessons there…becoming a regular now…

    You’re welcome! That kissing lesson is just the bomb don’t you think?

  11. mwari says:

    loooool farmgal! What do I say? asante for bringing the congregation 🙂

    Pole about the work issues. Hope you read my email.

    No, thank you! You right good stuff.
    I just read you mail and sent you a brief reply.

  12. sisbigbones says:

    Insecurity is a very unattractive feature in anyone. That means, I don’t have insecure friends (can’t stand the constant whining and attention-seeking tactics) and I especially can’t date an insecure guy. How on earth are you supposed to build trust off THAT?

    Good luck with the legal issues. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes we do what we gotta do.

    You’ve brought to the table a good point. If one is insecure, no way you can trust your partner.
    Thanks sisBB

  13. three types of crazy says:

    On work-all the best..
    Infact let me send you a quick handbook on dentistry for dummies incase you ever feel the urge to smell people’s breath all day…..I am just saying.

    Jamani, now if we are all saying, we wont date an insecure person who will date them? The question is not would I date an insecure person, the question whould be would an insecure person date me? Only if they wanted to increase there insecurity times a trillion.

    Lol I think I can stand smelling peeps’s midomoz, its the blood I cant stand one bit!
    lol at how an insecure person dating 3TOC

  14. prou says:

    lol @ 3TOC . Indeed we would need to date them to hammer out the insecurity but unless you have missionary tendencies thou shalt not venture there.

    It is painful I can tell you , like eating while someone is holding your throat so you can only swallow a little at a time..

    painful doesnt even begin to describe it!

  15. Oh the matter has gone legal? That is usually the last resort..anyhow am sure you tried different solutions.

    On insecure dating, it seems the jamaa could have given his woman a reason to be insecure. Maybe played on her before or…

    I tried..I’ve gone legal but still trying to work out stuff with the company. Thing is they just want things swept under the carpet.

    Well, I don’t know the situation with their relationship. (The insecure mama’s I mean)

  16. Klara says:

    I wish u luck with that legal tussle @ work, I pray u sail thru…
    That gal eish..so insecure…

    Thanks for the prayers klara

  17. Kafai says:

    Rooting for you on the job issue. Hang in there.
    insecurity like jealousy saps all the joy in a relationship.

    Insecurity = constant worrying so you’re right, there’s no way one can be happy.

  18. MissE says:

    Dealing with insecurity is HARD WORK. Yes, i am speaking from experience..If you see any signs of insecurity in a man, the best advice for you is RUN..and never look back..

    It is indeed Hard Work!

  19. betty says:

    been there done that and never gain!! it’s worse than prison i tell ya!

    FG..my prayers and support with you..we all got ya back..

    I agree with you, it is a prison!

  20. Flo says:

    Sorry about the job issue. I hope everything works out fine.
    Insecurity issues; drama and pain. been there once. Not funny!

    Thanks for stopping by Flo!

  21. modoathii says:

    he’s kinda married to her… but now things are great for them. God intervened!

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