I am not in the habit of ringing married men, especially if I don’t know what their wives are like. I have some close pals who are married and their husbands call me and I call them. But that’s because I know that their wives know they can trust me.

The other day a married friend rang me (he may be reading this) and complained I don’t ring him. I simply said that its because I don’t know his wife well enough to be calling him. I thought he was joking but noooo he went on to say I don’t care about our friendship or something to that effect etc etc. I will not give the full details of what was said, but if you’re reading this. Why would you want me to tell you if I would date you whilst married? I am very sorry, but I don’t encourage anyone to stray!!

I was walking to chrch last night, this guy was walking behind and suddenly decided to hasten his step to walk alongside me. I had a feeling he’d chat me up so I quickened my step. The broda kept up with me. After like five minutes –
‘I said hi’
‘Oh hi’
‘errr what’s your name?’
‘Am not interested’
‘I said am not interested’

At this point, cos I did not want to engage the dude in conversation. I crossed the road back to whence I’d come. He was cute and dark with a my broda accent. I called 3TOC at this point. It was totally dark although it was only 6pm. Why would anyone think they can chat me up on the street? Ok I knowit works but ai not on this damsel!

So, I want to see the back of 2007 like now! I honestly cant think of anything positive to say about this year. when it comes to relationships, it’s sucked! Ok the reason why I want to see the back of it is mainly relationships.
I have met some fine and not so fine brathaz. I have met brathaz I like and they liked me back.
I have met brathaz I like but they didn’t like me back!
I have met brathaz that liked me but I wasn’t feeling them!
Lets jsut say this ain’t the year that one farmgal will find love. I know there’s still afew weeks left but am not holding my breath! I want to be a happy single girl in 2008. I’m not even going to eye any brathaz in 2008! No, seriously……….

There’s an African nite in Gloucester on the 8th December 2007. (thanks for the correction gals) I invite all those who would love to come. the cover is £10 inclusive food and you’ll have to put up in a hotel/BnB etc

God bless you all and stay close to God!

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17 Responses to Random-Ness

  1. Guessaurus says:

    Hey sweet,

    (correction, is that 8th November or December?)

    Outside of that, I feel you on so many levels in this post.
    Married men – I just want them to stop calling me telling me they are not ‘In Love’ with their wives and are in love with me waiting for me to ‘agree’ to Marry them – aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    Being chatted on the road, huh? At least it was random. Me? I am going to steer clear off any place that has Black (hu)man beings. Had enough of that.

    I too want to see the back of 2007 – this has been a weird year. And like you, I ain’t dating anymore. Yet. LOLOL

    How you been though? Sorry about the silence – The last week and Thanksgiving had me by the neck.

    Checking in.

    Thanks, I’ve changed that November to Ditheba! I want hear all about thanks giving. Will see you on the side later tonight.
    Married men should know that if they have other women on their minds, they will never sort out the problems in their marriages-period!
    Talk later.

  2. threetypesofcrazy says:

    YOU- I will see you sideways.Bila the men.

    Two mistakes- you meant 8 of Decemeber right? I know you did.

    Alaafu why are you lying to people atii they should look for accomodation in a b&b- you know there will be no sleeping on that night. ama you mean the next day in the early hours. Speaking of which let me check that I am not singing on choir that Sunday!!!!Otherwise we could always get high on redbull and keep flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BnB is for the sunday! Redbull rocks, though I have to be careful with them cans. They keep me ALERT for days! See you on the day and bring those girls of huko.

  3. Gishungwa says:

    I feel you on the married men issue which makes it weird especially if i knew the guy way before he met his wife and now i cant call him because if i do he is in trouble.

    2007, hmmm have learnt a lot about myself and relationships that i get into. Still in the singles club, not looking, and having a great time. We will see what next year brings but there is still 4 weeks of this year to go.

    Blessings to you too my dear.

    I see am not alone here. Lets hope 2008 brings with it good times!

  4. Seasons says:

    No comment on the married men issue…

    The year has had mixed blessings for me. I hope the relationship I started this year worked through next year.

    Enjoy your holidays

    All the best with the relationships! And happy holidays to you too!

  5. modoathii says:

    sisemi kitu, kucheka tu…ati you ain’t gon look at a bratha (a brada we’ll understand) any more….okay. all the best.

    but i wish you well in the remainder of the year and for the year ahead…

    for me all years are technically the same, but this james bond year (007) was exactly that…BONDing…hope it lasts. redbull (usiongeze vodo) ama you’ll be awake and charged till sijui when…mjiejoy!

    I don’t like my brodaz at all..they are too forceful.
    And I think I’ll add a little Vodoski to my redbull at the end of the year. I need it, I think!

  6. mwari says:

    I wish you better luck in 2008. At least you have your heart open so that love can knock and (hopefully) be allowed in. And not those married ones-shame on them.

    2007 went unbelievably quick for me. I have not even done stock taking, but moving alone swallowed up some months.

    Thanks Mwari…and how you be?
    Shame on those married men who cant sort out their problems at home.

  7. luke says:

    Brodaz! Brodaz! Farmgal don’t get me started on Brodaz! Just a tiny story to illustrate my frustrations
    i am on the bus one morning early at 9 am-my MP3 loud in my ears-this broda walks in the bus and impedes my personal space
    just to say “how now, ahhh, whea you going now? ahh, you look sharp man” he proceeds to attempt to strike up conversation with me about his computer business that he wants me to buy into
    no no no-excuse is good enough for me to accept what he did-as an east african and kenyan, personal space is of utmost importance to me-don’t enter unless invited
    Brodaz! Brodaz! don’t get me started farmgal

    otherwise i enjoy your blog keep up the good work- this is my second comment here so the shyness is dissipating slowly
    i love all people just don’t interfere with my personal space

    Brodaz are so forceful in the way they talk..glad we agree on that one. Nice t have you here, if I were into politics i’d be hooked on your blog. But I do read some of the stories.

  8. aegeus says:

    happy holidays and hoping for a better 008.

    Thanks blackforest!

  9. 3N says:

    Yaani 2007 is over already….I have to go back and check on my list of “to do in 07) and change the date to 2008.

    love is elusive until it is right.

    married women = a single man’s delight.

    i think the solution is to stay happy whether single, or in love, or in flings or whatever stage. Be true, honest to yourself and happiness will flow.

    happy holidays and when I call plz pick up….I am semi-married 🙂

    lol 3N, you mean you havent acted on none of that 2007 list! And yes am waiting for that call 🙂

  10. udi says:

    Damn. And the way I was thinking that I am the only one who gets calls from married women. Its all ngravy. I am going to be forwarding their calls to Farmgal so that she can tell them “Udi is taken”. LOL. How u doing? How u doing ? (In a Joey ‘friends” voice)

    blushing like Phoebe! (of friends)

  11. Half n Half says:

    married men? si I just skip that one………………random pipo on the street, I never used tgo do that but I did it here and that random man turned out to be psycho, call me at all hours of the nite….. had to change number..

    2007 was just a flat year, no ups, no downs. I guess i should be grateful for the no downs
    Enjoy 8th on my boring behalf

    Random people on the street scare me, especially when its dark and am alone!
    On the 8th , we’ll jienjoyi.

  12. Shamza says:

    Word! Sometimes I get this irritating line from BRODAZ. “If only I wasnt married, then I’d have hooked up with you.” I’m like erhhh WTH?? Who says THEN I might have been interested in your behind?! Shesh.. some people think that being single=being miserable. Wait…..actually, I might have been one of the ‘some pople’ list afew years ago :D. But heck, right now, I’m enjoying being single (actually to worrying stage)….but hey, me loving it while it lasts.

    Sometime being single rocks, other times it sucks. If I were in a bad relationship, I’d definately prefer being single.

  13. Shiroh says:

    I really do love your post. Thankfully i don’t have to deal with brodaz. For married men even me i have been wondering kwani watsup. But all in all thanks for the sense that these dudes are so taken.

    So 2007. i want it gooooooooooooooone. Its been my worst year in years yaani, i am glad many people feel the same. As for relationships, i am open. I hope you are fantastic

    I am fantastic sweetie…
    I think men (not all) want to be attached yet they want to feel single. Thats why when one is married they want a fling to cater for that part that wants to be single.

  14. betty says:

    hahaha that’s funny..pole for wierd experiences with the married bradas and the other forcing bradas.

    8th Dec..i shall be there and i think i’ll need that vodo/redbull of yours..BnB for Sunday? noted.

    Betty are you serious you’ll be attending?

  15. Bomseh says:

    Farmgal is in demand!

    Why marry and stray? Si that is why I’m not marrying and when I do I will have amuad kabisa.

    Bomseh, when you marry, I’d like to know what you think after like 3years!

  16. Zack says:

    Been dating like 4 years and I get the same temptations lately… U know, Wanna talk 2 some new girl and so on even when there is nothing bad between me and Mrs… it scares me but I guess, I just try to check if am on point… excuse ul say ha?Anyway, am sure the demand 4 Farmgal will shoot up further in 2007.

  17. Eef Dee Eye says:

    The broda wrong timing but admire his guts! Lol
    He had to do what had to be done … hehe

    As for straying married no experience there maybe we need short term contracts when it comes to marriage – avoids the stresses and may keep parties vibrant. Just a thought.

    ‘A man is as faithful as his options!’

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