I just got word that my cousin was beaten to death in busia. This is a bad weekend.

I do not have any more details – other than that his body was recovered I don’t know when.

Cousin Kuria is somewhat special to me. This is because he reminds me of my dad’s funeral arrangement meetings. I was a small girl when my dad died, so anything that reminds me of that time is a treasure in it’s on way.

Back in 1982….

Kuria was hanging out with the rest of us kids while the grown-ups were having their daily meetings. This night Kuria kept drifting in and out of sleep. This would not have been a problem were it not for the fact that he nearly fell face down into the fire we were sat around.

We must have ‘sang’ Kuria go to bed like a thousands and one times. Unfortunately when we were all not looking he did fall into the fire. Both his hands were severely burnt! All we heard were screams …I can’t quite remember if he was rushed to hospital although I do remember that when the wounds were dry, he slipped and fell. He used his hands to avoid a bad fall, the boy was in such pain.
He has always been special in that sense. If it makes sense I don’t know.

I am shocked at his death but I know it’s the way of life.

R.I.P Kuria

Love you always

I’ve switched off comments on this post…Thanks for your prayers and polez.

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