Naija – soja boy

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7 Responses to Naija – soja boy

  1. aegeus says:

    hilarious stuff..reminds me of violet moyo…off to youtube to look for the video! hope your holidays be good?

  2. neema divine says:

    mmmhhh…am really never impressed with the whole solja boy craze!

  3. Seasons says:

    That is really funny. I cant tell which one is more stupid between this Naija one and the souja boy one. Music is going to the dogs

  4. modo boy says:

    The only feelings i hav 4 all ths isnt for family viewing. Cnt watch more than 5 seconds of either. It punishment. Aaaaaaaaargh!

  5. sdolphin says:

    made my day. What with all the chaos in our motherland

  6. candybox says:

    After the weird night i had last night i needed that. hilarious

  7. markeysha says:

    i love sojaboy ya ya ya

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