On elections and inciters

I would like to condemn the post done by one Baraza (on kbw blogroll somewhere) who called for all ODM supporters to go to war. I wrote a comment on the owner of kbw’s blog to ask him to remove it from the aggregator.

I thought the KBW team does not entertain that kind of rubbish….obviously not. I remember one person was kicked out for calling a certain president some sort of name. Now if the kbw team does not condemn people using KBW as a platfom to incite people to go to war, and especially from the comfort of their houses in America. Then trully the rules have changed since the last time someone was kicked out of the KBW aggragator. Correct me if am wrong!!!

Anyway, I wanted Kibaki to win and he has. I didn’t vote, and I hear that there was rigging. I don’t have proof so will not bother going into it.
Right now I pray for peace in Kenya!

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15 Responses to On elections and inciters

  1. Irena says:

    Thank you Farmgal for being a voice of reason and one who has experienced violence first hand many years ago. I’m indeed appalled by the biased nature in which most KBW members has tried to sensationalize matters . Whether one was on the ground or not, we all have to remember what we utter may it written via blog or broadcast at this time it is very crucial to our fragile country at the moment. I have not commented so much as to what is going on politically over the past many months but today for the love of Kenya I feel obliged to say something.

    We, as Kenyans whether bloggers, wazalendons and that have you, need to recognize that rumors , half truths and champions of the wronged when raw emotions are running high can be an epitome’ of another Rwanda in the making. It takes miscommunication to create civil strife.

    Not everyone is smart enough to synthesis the news logically and use voice of reason, so whatever it is we report, write on our blog, claim to know and to have been there ,seen that , whatever it is we communicate, there will be a foolish kamau,Onyango , Nduku etc who will sharpen their panga to go finish off his neighbor.

    Until you read, watch and understand what cause most civil strife be it Rwanda or Ireland, the power of few words means alot.

    I’m indeed appalled and sad ,that I held some bloggers with highest esteem only to see the true manifestation of the so called championing causes. What causes? We all want a democratic Kenya ( as if we have not seen that), we all need someone to keep the country governed ( at least at the moment), we all need peace( for without peace even that blogging that has made some become famous or infamous), we all need a Kenya that we enjoy visiting . I have parents in Kenya, I need them to be alive for I’m not done with enjoy them yet. I have a brother who I want to hear his voice everyday , and I have friends who enjoy talking to everyday.

    Emotions are running high, in whichever camp, Raila , Kibaki or the rest. Responsible bloggers apart from “trying ” to write subjectively, why can you not write with objectivity, why can’t you be the place where when we read we still think of a Kenya that has a rule of law? Why can’t blogger belong to all those who read your piece whether they support ODM, PNU, Shirikisho DP etc.
    Writing hearsay or trying to sensationalize situations does not do anyone justice and lest be assured does not create good rapport! Whatever happened with the elections outcome I was not there and yes like Farmgal I wish I voted for Kibaki for my own reasons. But , for the sake of peace , can we blog responsiily , many are reading these posts from all over the world too and such incitement and emotional writing does not make you who are writing false news any better than those destroying property or lives.

    If you at all believe in democracy which seemed to have been assasinated per a headline, then you never saw Al gore asking the democracts to go up in arm and attack the Red states when there were irregularities in Florida . If at all you who are writing and believe in this democracy, then tomorrow ,let the court fo law decide .
    Please do not try to make yourself Matrys for the sake, sit and think what it is at stake, when you utter words of hate, fear or ridicule, someone who has been waiting ffor a trigger to get their frustration out , that is all they need. Please blog responsibly and thank Farm Gal for writing this for I needed this for sanity sake!

  2. Mimmz says:

    I’m wondering about this too. One Acolyte was kicked out of KBW for so much less and I recall a lengthy discussion on mental’s blog about all this. Even I feel it is double standards from KBW folk, who have not lied about their backing Raila. Still, one calling for war does not bother them?

  3. dd says:

    Cooler heads need to prevail. Calling for war is dangerous. Branding everyone whose a member of KBW as an ODM supporter/propagandist/etc is just the same. As point of disclosure, I don’t support either party as I know they are the same animal different flavor.
    Let’s be honest the process has been hijacked, the “court” of law is not impartial, and we know this.
    Another thing, this is not a Kikuyu/Luo thing, it is bigger than that, the experiement that is Kenya is at stake. How does a country with 40 different ethnic groups, get together form an identity, and equitably create an enviroment for all to thrive, and succeed?

    We were all made in God’s image, and anyone who has left the country, I hope will learn we are really not that different in life outlook.

  4. Eef Dee Eye says:

    Me venting

    People (including me!) are frustrated – war is a different ball game and any sensible person would not opt for.

    I have not read the blog in question – again underlining my disappointment with the whole election process and the politics involved.

    I have NEVER envisaged a situation where there would such animosity and open tribal vitriol. I’m in London and the kind of talk you hear going around among Kenyans leaves alot to be desired. Shameful and down right selfish win at all cost attitude.

    I join you in praying for PEACE but I hope to go further and be an advocate for truth and righteousness. I am surprised how I have become so suspicious looking at everyone from a tribal perspective and still would love to consider myself not a tribalist. (I hate the politics that have reduced us to tribal bigots)

    My prayer:
    That Kenyans would have more options than simply war where there are no winners. And in our small victories NEVER deny others the chance to enjoy what I want to enjoy.

  5. kairitu says:

    Thanks Farmgal for raising this up.I have been an adent kenyaunlimited reader but yesterday I did not even want to imagine that some of the people that I had come to respect were leading in inciting others.Let us all pray for peace n reason to prevail.
    Sad thing is those screaming for war r not even in kenya.

  6. acolyte says:

    You are entitled to your own opinion as regards the elections. There was alot of evidence of irregularities which you, the ECK and other concerned parties have decided to ignore. But on the other hand, calls for war shouldn’t be accepted or tolerated at all.
    Kenya will never be the same again but for now we should concentrate on peace.

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  8. Gal africana says:

    I’m scared shitless too and praying that this does not get worse. All talk of development seems to have gone to boot and the people that be seem obsessed with power….for the sake of power.

  9. kenya.fm says:

    FarmGal pole for the past.

    Now, it is good to pray for peace in Kenya, but does our Lord encourage the oppression of the poor? Consider these two well meaning Christians prayers and tell me what the Lord will do:

    You pray for peace and that a leader whom you have chosen ( Kibaki ) be sustained in power, because it is your honest belief that he represents what is good for you and Kenya.

    Somewhere in western Kenya, one Toi prays thus “Lord, Mr kibaki has oppressed me these past 5 years. Hear my cry and mercifully do not let him oppress me for 5 more years. Raise unto us a leader who will be equitable in his doings, neither oppressing me nor my sister FarmGal”

    Now tell me, whom will the Lord answer; FarmGal or Toi’s prayer?

    I had no intention of responding to any comments but I beg you to tell me whom Kibaki has opressed since he came to power. And tell us how he’s planninh to opress anyone in the next five years if he stays on as president.

    It seems to me both sides need to address the fact that some parts of the country had more than 100% voter turnout.

    1. Sigor115%
    2. Eldoret North116%
    3. Mosop 97%
    4. Emgwen 103%
    5. Baringo North 92%
    6. Narok South120%
    7. Bondo 102%
    8. Kisumu rural102%
    9. Karachuonyo 94%
    10. Rangwe 92%
    11. Ndhiwa 93%
    12. Nyatike 95%
    13. Mbita 95%
    14. Othaya 90%(highest in central)
    Nithi 80% (highest in meru)
    from the daily nation

    If kalonzo had a chance I’d prefer him to Raila or Kibaki. But due to my personal issues with Mr Odinga..I choose Mr Kibaki.

  10. Gal africana says:

    @Kenya.fm Poor Toi, I wish her the best.
    I wouldn’t be too quick to point fingers at Kibaki though. I’m freakin tired of the very short memory everybody seems to have acquired quite suddenly. The poverty in Kenya, ALL of Kenya (western Kenya is not a special case!!! someone, we all know who, has been conviniently lying to you that it is) is not caused by KIbaki!!! Remember a dude called MOI anyone???? anyone???? no??? HE had 24 years to botch things up´for Toi…poor girl. Where were your ready pointing fingers then? All I know is that there’s more development happening in Kenya than I’ve ever seen. EVER!!!! It WILL take time to get to the poorest, ask any economist…THAT’S NORMAL! It’s not KIbaki. It’s not Kibaki.

  11. Eef Dee Eye says:

    Gal africana….

    I agree with you people seem to have an amazingly short and selective memory lapses. Only pointer is why then is Kibaki seating on the same dias with MOI???? I think that is where he lost me…..For a ‘good guy’ he is supposed to be he suddenly had a memory lapse and forgot who MOI is…..

    Tired of this nonesensical situation this toi needs more than sympathy.

  12. Seasons says:

    Sometimes back the same Baraza wrote a vitrolic post against Kikuyu’s and I commented oh the post hoping he would pull it down. I was suprised KBW allowed that to continue. If you notice, Baraza blogs from the US and is least concerned about what happens in Kenya.

    Calling for war us utter rubbish and quite irresponsible.

  13. kenya.fm says:

    I did not want to discuss politics, nor do i expect you to prefer any candidates you do not want to. And yes, i do understand your problem with R,. Believe me, i did pray for you when i read your post maybe 1 year ago.

    This only applies to christians who know the word of the Lord, otherwise it will make no sense to you:

    All i am saying is this: In this kenya, there are prayers that are asking the Lord exactly opposite things. What i am advising is this, that for a Christian, at such a time, do not ask the Lord to strike down your enemies, otherwise you will create room in your heart for hate AND if you hate, my sister, you are stopping the Lord from answering your very own prayers and possibly cancelling yourself from heaven!
    (i) Remember “Bless and pray for those who persecute you”?
    (ii) “He who hates his brother is a murderer..” and “outside are murderers..”
    (iii) “and when you pray, forgive, if you have anything against your brother..”

  14. Zax says:

    Lets just go back to our normal lives and wait for 2012, I bet some people will be shocked. Peace is all we should root for in this crisis that Kenya has gotten to, you however can not rule out the tribal influence that has hit us. Am neither Luo nor Kikuyu but I trusted more in Odingas rule which dint come but life has to go on.
    Whats the use of so much pain being ventiletted to one another down here when the two are in the comfort of their homes, one in Staes and the other at Statehouse!!! Can we just go on being brothers and sisters like we were before the elections?

  15. kip says:

    let me just keep my thoughts to myself becuase I realize kenya is bigger than me and you or raila and kibaki . having been in kenya actuallt in Rift valley thoughout the whole ordeal I know better that war ama violence does know know who is right and who is wrong …

    the only peace i have in my balls is kenya is bigger than all of us…

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