It’s A Spiritual Warfare-Just Pray

The situation in kenya is not political and its not ethnic.
The devil has entered the hearts of men and women.

A spiritual warfare can only be fought in the spirit. Your weapon right now is PRAYER.

Don’t let the devil find a home in your heart, and Kenya shall be saved!


Kibera youths run past a burning house with a flag for peace in the slumson Tuesday. Hundreds of people have lost their lives and others displaced in post-election violence. EASTANDARD

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14 Responses to It’s A Spiritual Warfare-Just Pray

  1. Ssembonge says:

    Why is it hard for some people to accept that Kibaki rigged the elections. Nothing demonic about that if you ask me. He just needs to do what is honorable and noble. Step down.

    Lets not cheat ourselves. The only way Kibaki can remain in power is through authoritarian rule. Things will only get worse. We are now back to the days of Moi who ruled without the support of the majority of Kenyans.

    Farm gal, Your calls for prayer are not sincere but tribal in defense of Kibaki. You are no diffferent from the people killing each other back in Kenya.

    Kenyans, including Kikuyus, of all shades need to stand up and reject Kibaki.

    Clearly you don’t understand what is going on in Kenya and you dont understand what am saying. And might I just tell you being tribal is what has brought Kenya to where it is. I have put politics aside, I have put tribe aside and don’t care for Raila or Kibaki.
    I am not a kikuyu! I am a Kenyan

  2. aegeus says:

    peace in Kenya is greater than one man. i pray that the people who have turned on their neighbours see this.

  3. Wanjiru says:

    God is a defender of the weak and the poor. When Kibaki decided to ignore the will of the poor and weak, he lost his righteous standing with God. If the founding fathers and mothers in Kenya had argued that the fight against the British was not colonialism but rather spiritual warfare, kenya would still be a colony. Christians, stop making this a spiritual issue, and ask Kibaki to step down and ask for a recount with objective vote counting being replaced by his “closed in without any media present” vote count. Another thing, God does not support liars and if Kibaki continues to lead Kenya, God’s favor will not be flowing his way….get him to understand that spiritual position.

    Wanjiru or whatever your name is, am not asking you to pray for any politician. Please go back and read the text.
    There’s no way a wanjiru can take a panga and kill his neighbour Rotich without some spirit in them. If you don’t believe it then just ignore the call I have made. No one is being forced to pray here.

  4. Wanjiru says:

    All kikuyu leaders (political and religious) need to make a public statement denouncing what Kibaki has done. As a kikuyu, the silence from kikuyu leaders is deafening! Where are the respectable kikuyu leaders? What happened to the honorable kikuyu’s who stood for democracy and fought to bring umoja and harambee to Kenya when the British needed to get kicked out? Rise up and denounce Kibaki’s tactics – otherwise may God have mercy on your souls as other ethnic groups gang up against you because the rule of law has excluded them.

    Why you thinking along tribal lines again? Please dont bring tribal issues here.

  5. Eef Dee Eye says:

    Sorry farmgal I’m always here and suspect i am a notch more vocal…

    As a christian I am also lost for words as to how to go about praying over the situation. I need prayers too. I hope it is not too late coz I should have prayed before the elections – I thought I had the ‘best’ candidates in line. I had no clue. Now I’m in a fix and my conscience would not let me go.

    However uncomfortable it is important that before I go on to my knees I accept my indefensible stand. My prayer is that however ugly it may appear that now that I feel convicted I should repent rather than pray for the status quo to remain.

    Thank God He is understanding and patient with me – a God of 2nd chance is what I need right now. We need to set the right example and reject the devils within ourselves before we turn to the society.

    No need for apologies..I am not asking people to pray for those politicians to remain or to resign. It’s a simple prayer for the mwanachi of Kenya who has let the devil make a home in his/her heart. When you kill your neighbour that you’ve known for 20 plus years in the name of a politician or politics, then you know the devil is in your heart.

  6. Ngai!
    Farmgal, am sure God is punishing us for our hypocrisy! God does notr entertain hypocrites who only condemn violence when it ios their own who are afflicted. God does not condemn selective rage which is only channelled towards those who belong to other tribes. I wish Arch-Bishop Njue would know this. God does not listen to “tribalistic” prayers that want Him to ignore the sins of one of our own. Please Farmgal, confess your own sins and ask Kibaki and his evil ilk to do the same for the sake of our country Kenya!

    ‘Kinyanjui’ I condemn violence against Kenyans. I’m not tribal but am sure you will not believe, so will not try and make you see how am not.
    TRIBE is the TOOL the devil is using right now. If you can open your eyes and see that then you’d know how to pray.

  7. wambui jr says:

    I completely agree with you, I was going to put a post up along this lines later on but you put it excellently. I pray that God will open up everyone’s eyes so we can see that we are all his children , equal in his eyes. I pray that he will fill us all with his love, because then and only then can we see each other through his eyes.

  8. acolyte says:

    I think blaming it all on the devil is forgetting that God gave us free will. The people who are doing these things on whatever side had this evil in their hearts, what we should pray for is for God to show them the error of their ways and for peace.
    Remember as the book of Genesis says, man’s heart is naturally inclined to evil, if we need people of faith, that time is now.

  9. Shamza says:

    I agree with you farmgal. There may be, to a big extent, tribal differences that’s causing this violence, but I also agree that there’s much more than what meets the eye if you ask me. I dont know if it involves demonic forces, I dont know if its about the bridge of poor-rich, I dont know. But there’s definately more to it. I join you in prayers FOR PEACE, not for Raila, not for Kibaki, not for kikuyu’s, not for luos but PEACE FOR KENYA!

  10. Bomseh says:

    The war is between the rich and the poor. Only the poor are suffering. Prayers or no prayers, Kenyans need to reason and think straight before embarking on the slaughter.

    Fact is that some people are killing as a means of self defence. i won’t elaborate.

  11. God Hates Kikuyus says:

    Your tribbal vitriol is not escaping anyone…! Stop using your blog to spew pro kibaki filth ! The country has spoken, kikuyu washindwe ! ODM will sweep kibaki and his people back down to South Africa..

    Abovenet Communications, Inc ABOVENET-5 (NET-216-200-0-0-1) –
    Covington & Burling MFN-D338-216-200-93-128-26 (NET-216-200-93-128-1) –

    Thank you for showing us how intelligent you are.

  12. modoathii says:

    well said farmgal! tuombe!

    whoever stole let him or her be punished. let’s not punish the innocent man who had nothing to do with it. so beating him, robbing him, killing him, chasing him, won’t change what has been done!

    let’s pray for peace ahead. let’s pray so the leaders responsible can see the errors of their ways. let’s pray for wisdom of their followers. let’s pray.

    as for the kuyo-haters who think they are privileged, think again. sio privileged, it’s hard working.

    at the end of the day we need each other. WE ARE KENYAN!

  13. Kairitu says:

    We need to pray for forgiveness in out hearts and for harbouring hateful thots,and pray that the hearts of our leaders are turned to think of the citizens of the country and for the good of all and above all that they may be blessed with wisdom that comes from God above.

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