Why we can’t have power sharing

I was talking to my pal today and we got talking about the power-sharing that everyone is talking about.

The system we have in Kenya is where we have the government and the opposition.

So if ODM and PNU power-share who will be the official opposition.

The official opposition keeps the government on their toes. They shadow the government and try to convince the country why they are better.
They are the ‘whip’ so to speak.

For argument sake….

Odm so and so – Minister of foreign afairs…
who will shadow so and so?

How are people suggesting that the two power-share?

Let pray for peace!

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11 Responses to Why we can’t have power sharing

  1. Kafai says:

    I am starting to give up hope on the mess that is our politics. I am yet to hear of an arrangement that will get us out of this quagmire.

  2. Shiroh says:

    There is already a power sharing arrangement between Kalonzo and Kibaki.

    The problem is that every Kenyan want to fight the kibaki/Raila war, the only way out of this quagmire is to leave the two fight their own wars.

  3. neema divine says:

    powers~sharing in any african country is just pure dreams, cant happen, wont happen…kuna vile african leaders just want power, money, control…period!

  4. Bomseh says:

    Putting Kibaki and Raila in the same government now is akin to locking a goat with a hyena. They should both quit for the good of all Kenyans.

    “Did I not speak of a political Miracle?” Is this the miracle Kalonzo was talking about?

  5. bryjoe says:

    am at the point where id agree to anything just for the sake of keeping peace .
    supposing the they have a coalition goverment…it will work for let say bout a year then the backstabbing,insultsand undermining of authority will start .no points for guessing that this was a disaster from the get go…

  6. Xs says:

    Very interesting. For a moment i thot kibaki was gonna offer RO th PM post and th remaining ministerial post to his hecklers. That wud leave the mps of small parties as th opposition. My 2 cents

  7. whiteafrican says:

    Farmgal, I’ve been working with some other Kenyans to create a site where people can report incidents of violence in Kenya (http://www.ushahidi.com). Consider adding one of the buttons found on the “about” page to your blog.

    Please call, text and email your friends and family in Kenya about Ushahidi. You can now SMS an incident report in to +447624802635 or email tips to tips@ushahidi.com.

  8. Seasons says:

    There is no way a power sharing agreement will hold with these two. What i would want is for both of them to get out of politics and we have another election.

    Now I hear Raila has called for Mass action. Mass action is fodder for looters and they will definitely damage private property. Does he realize how long it will take to rebuild Kenya?

  9. modoathii says:

    i think we are not ready for democracy.

  10. Thank God some cheap thought did not prevail!

    dude. you need to grow up and please leave my thoughts and my blog alone. Dont let the door hit you on your way out …umesikia?

  11. Seasons says:

    @Gerald Baraza,

    Whenever someone has a differing opinion from you, it is called cheap!

    Are you not the same person who was propagating hatred against the Kyuks(http://geraldbaraza.blogspot.com/2007/11/kenyans-its-not-goodies-its-another.html) on your blog before the elections? Suddenly you wish to appear beyond reproach and troll other blogs.

    If you truly believed in your positions. You even went as far as spreading rumours- yeah I will remind you.(Raila arrested etc). You took a postion that Democracy = Raila and no one chastised you..let other people express themselves on their space like you do in yours!

    Sorry for the rant on your spot

    thanks seasons and rant on….some people think they’re above evryone else arrrgggg

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