Ok…Ok I got tagged….

I was tagged by Madsvibe and one Modo

Rules: -Link to the person that tagged you. – Post the rules on your blog. – Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. – Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. – Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1. I have a ka-fear of flying. Like threetypes of crazy ..I tire myself way before my scheduled journey so I can just SLEEP as soon as I board!!!

2. My fear of flying gets worse as I draw nearer to the D-day Lol its even a D-day! I even avoid the telly so I don’t see any planes taking off… or anything to do with planes. I just don’t get how that huge peice of metal can stay in the air….and am sure if I got it, it would make little difference so don’t try explain.

3. I think I’ve said this before..but I hate bad goodbyes…say am on the phone with you, you say bye and before I say bae you’re out….WAH

4. People tell me am soft spoken…

5. Am not very girly but I make some sort of effort when going out thanks to my pals J and M

6. I’m a fast driver but also very safe on the road.


I’ll be home this time next week!!!!!!!!! Ok am excited but am not looking to flying….but am excited.

I’m so sorry >D, Seasons and Kenyan Analyst

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15 Responses to Ok…Ok I got tagged….

  1. Kirima says:

    Fear of flying seems to be very common some people just knock themselves off with the drinks as fast as possible. #3- hmm I’ve noticed., #5 that should explain 6
    Welcome back home.

    funny thing today I went to church and the preach was on fear!
    Obviously am going to try enjoy this one.

  2. mwari says:

    4 and 6 we’re together.
    Enjoy your stay at home!

    Somehow I can’t imagine Mwari driving fast!

  3. mamashady says:

    enjoy home!3-5 im with you.no. 5 kwanza my mum has been making a lot of remarks lately….i guess its in the hope that i can panda bei and bring her home some good cows;)

    Lol @ some good cows! Glad am not solo

  4. Seasons says:

    What did you go and do? Tagged me!

    The worst time….let me see you when you get here

    Woishe pole I tagged….
    I’ll hola on email when I get there.

  5. threetypesofcrazy says:

    yes, you are soft spoken.

    writing my shopping list- big G, simsim, cassava crisps eeeeeeerrrrrrrr still thinking.

    Lol hata wewe you’ve joined in …ok I agree am a tad soft.
    Make sure I get that list mid-March.

  6. modoathii says:

    hmmmm, even matatu drivers are fast…(about safe, erm) so niko na mathree, and i’m bila driver..niaje..

    oh yeah soft spoken she be. we feel the excitement. so what will you be doing to tire yourself out? i recommend you start jogging round the airport just before your flight.

    safari salama, and we await ye.

    3TOC, hutaki royco? heeheheheh

    Ati nini..wewe kaka brasa, am no mathree driver… 🙂
    AN no am not jogging at the airport..am sure the fact that am working the morning and hepaing jobo to go straight
    to the airport will tire me enough. Aaaand after friday’s preach and prayers, I think I’ll enjoy this flight.

  7. larrymads says:

    Ok, so can you like bring me a pack of chips? British version, you know! lol

    Am not feeling woishe for taggin you 😀

    Chips zitafika? And for not feeling woishe one-ted 🙂

  8. Bomseh says:

    I know this airline whose flights take a shortcut, through SA. From UK it flies northwards and gets to Nairobi from the south. Can I prepare the Zulu dancers?

    woishe Bom-sweet am already booked on another one that doesnt pitia SA!

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  10. Guess says:

    FG -U know very well that apart from getting from A to B, the only reason I fly is for take-offs and landings LOL – I do not understand the whole fear of flying. Pole 😦
    PS: U better be the guardian angel for Cutified Little Human, y’hear? 😀
    And yes, you are V. soft spoken, and girlie

    Enjoy Kenya, and the good time with fam and friends.

    hey babes…long time! I want to meet cutified little human first..ai am not girlie at all! Will enjoy Kenya for me and for you 🙂

  11. Gish says:

    soft spoken yes. Am with you on 5 & 6

    nimekubali am soft spoken…

  12. phassie says:

    I dream of been in the NASCAR. God loves me, that is all I can say about my life on the road.

  13. Maua says:

    I was waiting for updates on the fly thing. How was it?

  14. The longest flight I’ve ever been in is 16.5 hours non-stop but I was freaked out the most on a 30 minute flight.

    There is something about flying and fear. You are not alone there.

  15. larrymads says:

    Looks to me like you are having loads of fun! Wacha till we finally make that hook-up happen then we’ll take it from there.

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