Why did you pick her?
Why did you pretend to love her?
Why did you lie you loved her more than life?
Why did you go and break her heart?

Why are you still fighting?
Why even when you been caught with your pants down?
Why you trying to make it out like she’s lying?
Why are you pretending to be who you aren’t?


Last night I ‘heard’ my friend’s heart break into little pieces. Thats why am asking you – why?
The least you can do is apologise and disappear from her life completely. Yes am talking to you! I love my friend and what I heard last night broke my heart. You can not mend that heart …I don’t know what to say to you.

My friend, you’re dear to me that’s why I have spoken here.


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17 Responses to Why?????

  1. Njamba says:

    this shyte is for high schoolers. msho a deliver kargo. hiyo kitu si sabuni.

  2. Guess says:

    FG – I too have listened to a heart or two shatter to bits when an SO has been caught out, and the lies that follow make me see the human race in a completely different light. Why are people so unwilling to accept when they are wrong and let the other person decide whether to stay or move on? I hate having my heart broken, but I hate it more when it is a person close to me and there is nothing I can do about it but wait it out.

    Pole to you and your friend – I hope this is resolved amicably.

    As for the Cutie, well, ongea mzuri and I will link you two up for a kissathlon 😀

    Lol ..mbele I love cutified little humans..bring onthe kissathlons…but is cute deadly.

  3. modoathii says:

    it must have been terrible to hear the ‘shattering’ and as guess said, it’s worse when you feel helpless. but i’m sure your friend found your shoulder helpful. i can relate.

    Whne it’s someone you know it’s even worse but you know what? God will take care of her!

  4. super says:

    Why??? It could be a case of substituent (and time)-dependent diastereoselection? Pole.


  5. Seasons says:

    Wow..Did I do that?? Now you see why I am worried about breaking hearts?

    Pole for the chick but without all facts we are not able to ably comment.

    Guess..you seem to have the 411.

    When someone cheats on you, your heart breaks and then some…..

  6. 3N says:

    i don’t know the specifics but if the accused is indeed guilty, pole to your girl…tell her to find strength and move on.

    She’s strong and am sure she’ll be better soon!

  7. madthoughts says:

    i know exactly what she is feeling at a time like this. same thing happened to me not too long ago and thing is even when you know the S.O. is so busted- i dont know what it is that keeps you holding on and hanging in there even when the situation is two shades of nasty.

    did your pal leave? pray so

    There’s nothing to hang on to so yes she left….

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  9. Kalembe says:

    It’s life. Move on!
    Sounds cold hearted but it is a fact of life. The question is what have you learned? I hope this serves as a lesson–better judgement.
    My two cents–no sex before marriage.

    Kalembe, what you smoking child?

  10. Maua says:

    FG, pls tell her not to stay down. Give her your shoulder, help lift her up, life goes on. Some ‘you’ are not worth shattering into pieces for. You mend and they break you into more pieces. Just leave, and let go.

    I’ll be there..thanks maua!

  11. phassie says:

    It sucks, especially when no of it makes any sense. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Am sure she’ll appreciate those prayers.

  12. Bomseh says:

    Was all these intentional? Disputes between lovers are best left for them to solve. Otherwise when they get back together, like they most probably will, then you’d look like you interfered.

    I hear what you’re saying and trust me I know when not to take sides. On them getting back together…prolly she’ll speak for herself on that one 🙂

  13. Bomseh says:

    @Kalembe – No sex before marriage is like buying a car before test driving it then later you find out that it wasn’t what you were looking for, or expecting. Think about it vizuri. If anything, when you get sex done over with, then you can know whether the relationship will hold or not. and lovers will grow and love honestly. Athawais,…………..

  14. Zack says:

    Pole 2 her bout that, sometimes the whole love thing just sucks, but its life I guess…

  15. Guess says:

    @Seasons – I know nothing LOL (said in an Italian accent, of course).
    I have sat through numerous conversations about ‘love’ lost – and in as much as each situation is different, there should be a ‘one glove fits all’ when it comes to cheating and or lies and heartbreak and stuff. Having said that, I do not know the specifics on this one, or the people involved. I just get frustrated when other people’s relationships do not work out, I need to believe in love by association LOL.

    Sidenote: I hope that your issue had a ‘happy’ ending 😦

    @FG – Guardian Angel detail starts right about ……. now 😀

  16. mwasjd says:

    Pole but sometimes stuff happens. Professionally, it should be a clean break. I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged, stupidly acting when I shouldn’t. Looking back, I always wonder why I went that route and caused so much pain to the chics who came my way. I apologize.

  17. Maua says:

    @Bomseh – Strictly no sex b4 marriage. Did you know that b4 sex, a guy sees the curves, the boobs (when undressing with the eyes). After sex, all he sees are stretch marks and ‘fallen thingys’ but apparently after marriage, I hear it is not so.

    B4 marriage has led to so many absent fathers (single mothers), the results of test driving.

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