The traffic in the city

One thing you won’t fail to notice when you get to Nairobi is the madness on the roads! Almost everyone’s got a car! While our driving population has increased significantly, our roads have not changed much, our politicians have come up with crazier ideas (read muthrwa!) and everyday more and more people are buying cars!

Solution according to our government:
Stop all public transport from eastlands from getting to the center of town.
Make thousands of commuters walk from city stadium to town.
Create havoc on jogoo road with standstill tail backs!

Honestly , their ‘solution’ has caused more problems and for ‘underprivileged’
Most countries always strive to improve transport by making it easier for people to get to their destination on public transport. Not in Kenya!!!! Uhuru Kenyatta what you smoking! I think muthrwa could work with proper planning.
1. Make sure all mats and buses can enter muthrwa quickly and easily. Just lay three lanes into muthrwa.
Did the government take into account how many ma3s and buses serve eastlands??!!! Gosh, has anyone seen that pathetic looking lane that all those vehicles are supposed to take off jogoo road into that muthrwa place????!!!
2. The other thing lay two lanes to exit muthurwa onto the marikiti market side. Planning! planning! planning!
3. Make personal car drivers pay more parking fees but after improving public transport. Like a 50 bob hourly fee!

Now, if I can come up with this, then the government thinktanks should go one better. Fokojembes!!!!!

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18 Responses to The traffic in the city

  1. super says:

    farmgal for mayor!!!

  2. acolyte says:

    Everyone but the government sees what is being done wrong here. It’s private cars that are the problem and not public transport, yet matatus break every rule known to man but their numbers arent what is clogging the road.
    Let’s see what happens if they try to extend that rule to Mombasa rd matatus and the other routes.

  3. shamza says:

    Trust…I’m not amused at all with the Muthurwa story! Then they cannot even weka some adopt-a-alight strategy hapo for at night!

  4. modoathii says:

    uhuru is just continuing to smoke alichozoea…heehehehehe

    at aco? let’s not even imagine it.

    it’s only here i’ve seen plans work backwards. implement then let’s do the planning (pass the weed guv’nor!)

  5. Kirima says:

    LOL @ Modo
    Lakini seriously traffic in Nairobi is totally messed up I agree with those who say that there are too many personal cars in town but without a reliable mass transit system people won’t leave their cars at home especially if the option is using Ma3’s

  6. Mbuda says:

    Definately someone somewhere called city planner has his brain cells asleep. What has happened in Muthurwa clearly shows the kind of leaders/planners we have, we do not need such characters in this country. Away from all the blame and look at positive solutions. If you look properly around that area around Muthurwa and into town you notice alot of old dipapidated buildings such as City council offices, Indian temples (around bus station), Khalsa school among others. Would’nt it have been earsier to demolish and relocate some of this buildings and create room for a bus/terminal/multi-storey parking etc. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this would be the most logical and quickest solution to implement. Please sambaza this idea to whoever can make a change.

  7. dd says:

    It is not lack of ideas, it is unwillingness to listen to intelligence. Kenya does produce smart planners, but our politicians have got used to bulldozing through whatever comes to their mind and ignoring the smarts in the room.

    I would not be surprised if there are wonderful plans lying somewhere in the govt, that the politicians dismissed.

  8. yepandyep says:

    Do you have those Whizzcars in your part of the world, it has solved all the traffic problems here. It works this way. You have the car by the hour and leave it in the parking place allocated to Whizzcars. The bill is sent to your place of work and the only down side is not being able to smoke in the car, No tax or insurace to pay, sound too good to be true. Only two colours availbe yellow and blue and red stripes. This is to deter the car theives in thw area. It is Whizzey.

  9. Zax says:

    The so called city planners are a bunch of guys sitting on their ears and possibly eyes and swallowing taxes which I pay monthly about 30% of my salary and on everything I consume.
    In planning and statistics there is something they call the queuing theory/ methodology… If these bunch of zombies can wake up and analyze the events around the operations of the transport system we have they can solve it amicably with queuing as they embark on expanding roads and so on after.

    The same so called city planners have kept their eyes closed on settlement and residental areas within the city. Places like Southlands, Riara and so on were never meant to have highrise buildings and flats. Nowadays you get to the once beautiful and almost exclusive places like South C, B and Riara younotice some weird flats coming up… Sewages, water and sanitation has been left to fix itself… The bunch of crooks in the same ministry are the same guys kicking Esther Passaris’ butt when she wants to fix the lighting problems that face the capital… and some sick government officials are even suggesting the ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Affairs!!! To do what???????? Where is the Mayor and Town clerk kwani!!!!!

  10. Maua says:

    Londoners don’t want Ken Livingstone. Si we take him for mayor. Congestion charge, more red buses and govt officials cycling and tubing to work. Or better still, si I support Super. Farmgal for Mayor.

  11. mwasjd says:

    We took too long and now have to pay the price of not planning for growth and implementing the plans for the 70’s in the 70’s and 80’s. I was at Muthurwa (see my blog), at least with the added access road, is much better. But I agree we have a long way to go. 2 nights ago, guys in Embakasi were getting home between 2 and 3 am coz of jam caused by Kibaki attending the passing out parade of cops. A lot of planning and work is necessary before we kiss jams goodbye. Sadly there’s no talk of another city coming up that guys can relocate to.

  12. pinkmemoirs says:

    Uhuru has never used a mat all his life, so he cannot pretend to even understand how it feels to walk in the rain from Muthurwa to town, then catch a mat to Upper Hill every morning.

    Tena, is it in his docket to deal with transport? I thought he is the Local Gov’t Minister? He should rule over councils or something, then the NCC deals with transport issues?

    Anyways, just venting here!

  13. Cante says:

    Kind of reminds you of Eric Donaldson’s ‘Traffic jam’ doesn’t it!
    Our mzees are truly forks and jembes!

  14. bOMSEH says:

    Can someone remind me what a traffic jam is coz hukus it doesn’t exist.

  15. archer says:

    What I’m surprised about is that Farmgal has actually called someone a fokojembe! LOL!!

    This maneno would have been implemented better had Esther Passaris been mayor of Nairobi. That new fellow, Godfrey / Geoffrey whatever-his-other-name-is, who has ever seen him since the day he took his oath of office?

  16. farmgal says:

    Hehe archer you know I can fokojembe people
    Hope you enjoyed your B’day despite you being an April fools child.

  17. I agree. this is stupid!
    Its a problem of politicians being unaccountable.
    Uhuru should not be making decisions for guys in eastlands since he is not accountable to them. The decisions on traffic patterns should be made by the Mayor and councilors that way if they screw up we can chuck them.
    In my opinion the ministry of local government should not even exist. It is just a way for the central government to usurp control over city and county councils that have already been elected.

  18. ma-many says:

    what a mess???
    stopping eastlands matatus does not solve any problem u even adding more problems.
    planners and whoever responsible should use the evaluation method to solve the mess
    tank u .

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