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The Election was “STOLEN” BLA BLA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Are some people sick in the head? We still have IDPs. We have homeless fatherless and motherless kids! We’ve got fools running around telling us how Kenyan they are and we’re not! The … Continue reading

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Fresh Elections

Because I believe that the madness that is the grand coalition will never work. I believe we should go back to the polls. At the rate we’re sharing power, Kenyans might be asked to label their pots and pans ODM … Continue reading

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Madness I tell Ya

ELDORET, Kenya • Leaflets threatening members of President Mwai Kibaki’s tribe have been scattered in a Kenyan Rift Valley town that was one of the worst hit by post-election violence. The fliers, dropped in the western town of Burnt Forest … Continue reading

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