Madness I tell Ya

ELDORET, Kenya • Leaflets threatening members of President Mwai Kibaki’s tribe have been scattered in a Kenyan Rift Valley town that was one of the worst hit by post-election violence. The fliers, dropped in the western town of Burnt Forest in recent days ordered members of Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe to leave the region, predominantly inhabited by the rival Kalenjin tribe. The area is a stronghold of opposition leader Raila Odinga and Burnt Forest was affected by deadly police raids and tit-for-tat tribal killings in the unrest that erupted when Kibaki was declared the winner of the December 27 presidential election. “We allowed you to leave hoping that you would not return… Rift Valley is our land which we were given by God the same way you were given central province,” read one leaflet. Other leaflets threatened Kikuyus with death.


I still fail to see how the country can be run without an oposition.

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18 Responses to Madness I tell Ya

  1. Owuor says:

    its time we employed Rwanda Kagame’s advice stratergy. the army moves in and sweeps those cowards masquarading as kalenjin guardians. let the cnn harp as they like but this should not stop this exercise.

  2. Maua says:

    Kenya is for Kenyans, I thought. Now I hear other countries known as Rift Valley and Central. Shindwe.

  3. Nakeel says:

    Kenya is for all. We have lived in peace and with love thats just what we need each day.

  4. mwari says:

    Very sad indeed, especially when you consider the sort of Kenyans that are being threatened : just-ordinary-kenyans-working-hard-to-eke a living.

  5. madthoughts says:

    i disagree with comment one- violence only ever begets more violence. we pray and look for ways to equitably distribute resources.

  6. Seasons says:

    And then the cabinet has 40 ministers!! Security for all Kenyans should be paramount for Raila and Kibaki..but I guess they have to share out the national cake to their cronies!

  7. mokora says:

    I once said Kikuyus are cowards, may be the only Kikuyus who can fight are those living in central province we are tired of men sleeping in tents with women and children were they circumsised??? it is time they stand up and fight to the last man, I belong to the house nd if the house am sure we still have worriors who can defend our women and children let them wake up and be counted.

  8. pilato says:

    What happened to God’s golden rule of ” love thy neighbour as thee love yourself?”…Love love love, where art thou love?..

    This ethnic hatred has been extended beyond borders…5000miles away from home and a brother still insists on calling me a Mkamba..I only need to declare my love for Raila and my Kyuk friends will be like ” pia nyinyi wakamba tutawamaliza, tumewasaidia na cheo cha VP na bado you making noise”

    After last year’s election, a brother bragged to me how his Mungiki men are going to unleash mother of all wars to the Kalenjins and Luos..How sad

  9. farmgal says:

    Honestly I can’t believe some people are advocating for violence…

  10. acolyte says:

    @ Mokora
    I dont support what is going on but the sad thing is that sentiments like yours about going to war and such are those that lead to the emergence of mungiki who I now hear are having a grand time harassing their fellow kyuks

  11. bOMSEH says:

    Who is this Mokora guy? Kick him out!

  12. boyfulani says:

    haha bomseh.
    the opposition even makes it harder.

  13. Shiroh says:

    @FG, lets hope peace prevails but i hardly doubt that Rift Valley is a safe zone. I have heard rather reliably that arming is now being done. Guns are being sold and bought to reclaim lands. I don’t know how it is going to be, i hope it ends well.

  14. farmgal says:

    Shiro, my aunt went back to plant! Aki she didn’t wanna know. Last week they got some leaflets telling them to leave the RV for good! The nerve!!!!

  15. modoathii says:

    it’s quite a sad thing. we still have our priorities wrong….but NO, TO WAR! let’s live in harmony.

  16. phassie says:

    I have been left speechless by today’s violence. I bet no-one wants to back to the days we lived in fear in our own homes.

    Pray for Kenya.

  17. boyfulan¿ says:

    yeah.pray for kenya

  18. Maua says:

    @Mokora, this is a peace territory, no inciting.

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