Fresh Elections

Because I believe that the madness that is the grand coalition will never work. I believe we should go back to the polls. At the rate we’re sharing power, Kenyans might be asked to label their pots and pans ODM or PNU.
Both parties might demand representation in marriages, we might have to clearly label our knives, forks and spoons with either ODM or PNU!!!

Knowing how much money politicians spend on campaigning. Are the already elected MPs willing to put their positions on the line?

I’ve been reading some posts put up by foolish ‘educated’ Kenyans advocating for more bloodshed.

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16 Responses to Fresh Elections

  1. Gish says:

    The cost of 44 ministries for 5 years certainly makes the cost of re-elections appealing plus the added advantage of giving some politicians the boot.
    “foolish ‘educated’ Kenyans advocating for more bloodshed” Shame on them.

    We might see a ministry of implimentation and labling and making sure all things are divide equal. It’s a shame that grown persons who seem to have a brain and crying for blood.

  2. Zax says:

    I can not agree further… the cost of the 44 ministries yenyewe makes any other cost fairer. Funny, the labelling of pots and pans but 4 sure the marriage thing… there is a pal of mine who stays in Kisumu… she has found herself a Jang’ boyfie for ‘security’ purposes.

    Nyalgunga might be headed for kiambu and kiambu for naylgunga to find a mate in the spirit of power-sharing 🙂

  3. Shiroh says:

    FG it is purely sickening to think that we have leaders in this country.

    True dat Shiro!

  4. NAkeel says:

    That was my first thought when I heard of 40 ministers.. ANd those calling for bloodshed woe unto them when the blood they have shed will come haunting them.

    Wacha that Nakeel ..woe unto them were the blood they’re seriously crying for be that of their own relatives!

  5. super says:

    hop u are running 4 office hahahaha……….

    Very funny…

  6. modoathii says:

    yep, seems like another lot of arrogant b******** need to be kicked out. clearly we forgot a few.


  7. pilato says:

    Its time we pray for a miracle…Those advocating for violence are either some soapies holed up in some leafy Suburb in Nai where Violence is unheard of or a loser living it small in the so called Diaspora

    Its a shame that those holed up in safe havens are asking for more blood to be spilt. I don’t really know what people are smoking.

  8. Seasons says:

    I don’t think Elections will be a solution unless both Raila and Kibaki and all the IDPs are resettled.

    We all know we cant trust them even to make decisions…… But if you run Mami, I will vote for you

    Hahahah ati you’ll vote for me 🙂
    Resettling IDPs is as difficult as sorting the issues at hand. What shall we do dear Kenya?

  9. bOMSEH says:

    Kenya appeared in SABC news again last night. The way they are reporting the wrangling is like animals having a row. DAMN!

    lol @ Zax. Ok, maybe it is not funny having a spouse of a different tribe for security purposes.

    It’s comical and yet we can’t really laugh!

  10. Eff Dee Eye says:

    Elections is an ideal solutions.
    If ‘everything’ was perfect that would be the answer. But if we cannot agree on the basics are we really fit for another round of madness.
    Start by setting up the ECK the composition? Election dates? Actually how much will it cost?
    Even worse campaigns for the love of God how do the candidates move about central, Nyanza and Rift Valley? I would love another election but I know it is only but a dream

    Catch 22?

  11. 3N says:

    For a moment I actually was disillusioned by Raila & Kibaki to believe that a coalition government would work, it will never!

    I agree that the only solution is fresh Presidential elections. To some extent maybe even the posts of PM should not have been rushed into the constitution, because I do not see how in a hundred years two rivals (PM and President) will work together in Kenya.

    It is a shame.

  12. threetypesofcrazy says:

    People we need to start praying like our lives depended on it coz somehow IT DOES.

    We need to pray!

  13. larrymads says:

    you know what i think? Lets privatize government! I even started a movement on Facebook to do just that. Join it right here:

    Will have to sleep over that one Mmmmhhh …sorry I’m not on facebook.

  14. tom says:

    Why are blaming ALL politicains when only one stole the elections and has been lying to Kenyans since 2002?

    Hear say or you got evidence…aaaaannnd lets say the election was stole. Sods like you still advocate for lives to be lost! Sod off!
    You are the same sods that want kyuks killed and when they retaliate you start screaming blue murder. Get you head straightened Tom. Every Kenyan has a right to life, get it?
    And can you already get out the same old @the election was stolen’ argument and start thinking of human beings who are sleeping in the cold and dying..arrrgg

  15. Maua says:

    I guess what we need would a fresh start, no MK or RO. If the gospel of ‘fresh start’ can be preached, with no blemishes, no pasts, but starting all over again. When all are converted, without looking back to Dec ’07, only then can we move on.

    Let’s start by preaching this gospel to Tom and Mokora.

  16. yeah…….

    the defination of madness is

    “doing something in the same way everytime and expecting different results each time”

    Kenyans are to blame. We keep returning the same old faces, and expect a miracle? God will not even listen to such stupidity. Why do we look to old haggard guys….i dare say tired…same ol’ same ol’ lot to bring any changes?

    the responsibility is mine and yours. In short we are a whole bunch of mad people……

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