The Holidays were…

It’s been a minute since I graced my blog pages. Seems everytime I log on, I have to request for a new password..surely by now wordpress must think am a hoax!

Nywhooooo, the holidays were abit all over the palce for me.

My sister arrived mid Dec to stay with me. The unfortunate thing is her luggage was broken into and she lost goods worth a good Kh100, 000. All electronics. At least the thief was kind enough to leave all the clad. I ‘kissed’ my christmas gift goodbye. My pal 3toc also arrived the same week. We didnt get to spend much time together but the couple of times we met, we had a ball! She came with gifts from santa Mochalicious and herself. Thanks gals.

On the 19th of Dec, I managed to fracture my foot in two places. If you’re shoes were sandals..Jadekitten now Mrs M says I need to start wearing heels lol! It’s was a freak accident. Obviously akina 3N will tell you that that did not in any way ruin my holiday.

20th missed a fabulous dinner with my super friends. I had to attend my nan’s memorial. She died at a camp in early January during the post-election violence.

Went to Ole-polos (sp) with 3N and his crew. We had such a ball playing card games . The food took too long to arrive though…men were we starving or what?!

Sweet Njoro invited me out afew more nights and my dear Gishingwa was there. 3toc was at one of them the night before she left for the big freeze..sorry gal lol

Yes, still ina cast and my walking sticks….

30th Dec rushed to P.C.E.A Thogoto hospital where we got news that my cousins daughter had delivered her first child who later died. The doctors didnt let her see her all afternoon and later after alot of drama we wer etold she’d alos passed on. At some point they claimed she was in theater having blood transfusion. Yes you read that right. Blood transfusion my Foot! She’d had a normal child birth…no CS or anything like that.
Afterwards we were told she died in the morning at 9am and another time of death was 3pm. Clearly all that time they were telling us she was in theatre, she really was dead. I hear there’s alot of cases of doctor’s negligence over there. So if you know of anyone headed there for treatment please stop them. I attended one of the saddest funerals I’e been to. People were wailing …she was only 24yrs old. She left behind a very heartbroken husband.

Modo my close friend lost his dad in January. Also another supers friend half and half lost her dad in a shooting incident. I’m so sorry guys. Thank you super friends for supporting this dear ones.

In Dec I realised that alot of married Kenyan men are available and ready to mingle. Seems am hit on by either a younger dude or a seriously married and available dude.

Oh, and I met a fake Doctor. Dude met me at my nan’s memorial and decided that I ws his future wife. He followed me around for three days straight. I could not get away from him since foot was in a cast then. He really needs to pay a ”follow farmgal around” dowry. All my relas were causing. Then he can’t speak English and he claims he went to med school! Picture farmgal on a date speaking Kikuyu, tuning in to kameme and God knows what other radio stations listening to the latest kyuk love songs…’shudder’ my friend ‘shudder’ I don’t mean to hate, but dude needs to go back to class and learn some English and if he wants to be a real Doctor-Med school would be a brilliant idea too. How do you lie about something like that…he even offered to do my cousin’s post-mo…imagine that…clearly he’s sick in the head!

Can I say Doctor my Foot.

Yours truly had her CNN debut…God bless Obama.

I know its late but Happy New year people.
God is good!

Am not going to proofread am in a hurry

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13 Responses to The Holidays were…

  1. bomseh says:

    Sorry about all those misfortunes.

    Good to see you back online. Get well soon. I’ll bring you heels personally when your foot heals.

    Happy New Year too.

  2. farmgal says:

    Never thought i’d miss wearing them. i hope you’re plannin on keepin your word. when you arriving?

  3. KA says:

    uhoro wa mwaka mweru?

  4. farmgal says:

    ni mwega. waku uhana atia?

  5. bomseh says:

    Sometime this year. I’ll hit your inbox, I need some favour.

  6. KA says:

    ni mwega. jesu atongoria; ni mutongoria njamba.

  7. 3TOC says:

    The Doc was fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    iiiisssssssshhhhhhhhh let me run, will be back to digest this.

    Glad to see you here:)

  8. 3TOC says:

    And I am back. I am laughing at the doctor story mpaka my stomach hurts.Someone slap him upside his head when he is next seen.

    It was great hanging out.What another two months time?

  9. Shiroh says:

    @FG, some things are super sad. But then again that does not stop you from having fun…That’s the spirit.

  10. Gish says:

    Alot has gone down in those few weeks that began the year still God is good.

  11. 3N says:

    What a time, pole for the misfortunes especially for the loss of your cousin. Enjoyed the good times sana and look forward to more.

    happy new year. glad you are back.

  12. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Pole sana for all the misfortunes. I have a friend who reads news in one of those kiuk stations. Keeps asking if I heard him hola at me. Its embarrasing coz i dont even know the frequency. Get well soon

  13. Pole farm gal…happy newyear…belated

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