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Marriage, HIV and Cheating.

According to a relationship expert. 98% of people in relationships (men and women) have cheated or are cheating. More married people are HIV positive than singles. And according to Rants and Raves of a Kenyan gay guy. Between him and … Continue reading

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My identity in Christ

Went to Nairobi Light House church yesterday. Pastor Nelson asked some very valid questions. Do you have an identity in Christ? What’s your Identity in Christ? It got me thinking……..

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Kombamwiko aka Roaches

I hate bugs. And especially roaches…uuurrgggh! shudder times a thousand. What I do to make sure that I have non in my house. 1. Spray all shopping bags soon after unpacking my shopping. 2.Spray my handbag if I visit a … Continue reading

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Orange/Telkom/Mobile whatever

Aki orange is such a hoax! I’ve been trying to register my friends and family numbers so I can enjoy the 1 shilling phone calls for a few days now! I’ve called the free number, and they tell you to … Continue reading

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Hi all… I would like to ask anyone out there to please please buy me a Nairobi-San Diego plane ticket. It’s $1700 return. Any secret valentines I have out there, this is what I would really love. The sevens start … Continue reading

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