Hi all… I would like to ask anyone out there to please please buy me a Nairobi-San Diego plane ticket. It’s $1700 return.

Any secret valentines I have out there, this is what I would really love. The sevens start on the 14th….

Thank you!

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7 Responses to Soliciting…..

  1. bomseh says:

    Send travel details.

  2. 3N says:

    Uhmmm…si I get half and you get the other half?

  3. 3TOC says:

    Ah now this makes sense. Someone I know is travelling that way and I think this may be why. Ah.

    About that ticket? Let me get a guitar and a blanket and sit on the streets see how much I can get.

  4. farmgal says:

    Mhhhh it’s looking good here…3N, 3toc and Bomseh si u changa for me and I can get out of here on thursday.

  5. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    I went looking at my $ account and I was told “You have a debit of 30.58” My heart sunk since those other KES accounts read figures in 3 digits. Damn!

  6. bomseh says:

    Lost my bank details. Maybe next year?

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