Orange/Telkom/Mobile whatever

Aki orange is such a hoax! I’ve been trying to register my friends and family numbers so I can enjoy the 1 shilling phone calls for a few days now! I’ve called the free number, and they tell you to keep trying. I think they need to get punished for advertising something that’s not really available….aaarrrggghh

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6 Responses to Orange/Telkom/Mobile whatever

  1. Coldtusker says:

    As should safariCON.

    Zain is the best in my experience. I like it that I can get thru customer service staff who are polite & knowledgeable.

    Try Vuka. 8/- to anyone. One Network if you travel in Africa. And 3/- to 10 f&fs.

  2. 3N says:

    pole ms. bubbly – and i am no help here 🙂

  3. farmgal says:

    You came here to call of bubbly? youre so on my wanted list. i’ve done tried that chic i think i’ll just join zain

  4. zabo says:

    orange is a hoax,sisi wakenya we get ripped off easily. yo farmgal theres a very funny kenyan site i stumbled upon a few days ago thats a site i like to visit now+yours ofcourse!

  5. I tried it and it wrks cool thing is since i dont quite knowany one with orange numbers i was able to put land works


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