Kombamwiko aka Roaches

I hate bugs. And especially roaches…uuurrgggh! shudder times a thousand. What I do to make sure that I have non in my house.
1. Spray all shopping bags soon after unpacking my shopping.
2.Spray my handbag if I visit a house with roaches.
3.Clean dishes every night and spray my bin.
4. Spray drainage, spray storage areas ….etc etc

I still find one or two running around but very rarely.

Parliament proceedings have become like a circus! It’s not funny by the way.

Chris Brown…Shame on you!

Yesterday I saw one mende the size of someone’s pet matching out of Tusky Beba Beba…*shudder*

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6 Responses to Kombamwiko aka Roaches

  1. case says:

    spray up your nose for extra protection

    seriously, who are you?

  2. 3TOC says:

    LOL @ the matching pet looking mende!

    It shoulda been on a leash!

  3. Guessaurus says:

    YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD ‘ROACH’ UNTIL U SEE THE ONES THAT COME OUT OF DRAINAGE IN KENYA. Seriously, I love the movie ‘MImic’ ,(I sometimes see someones shoes and go: “shoes” – (pointing)) but by God and all other deities, those ‘bugs’ out of Kenya are out of this world.

    Shudder, shudder.
    Roaches are the one thing I plan to ask God: Why? Really?

    How is Farmgal? Amisses you, gal.

    Hey chic..you been missed too. hope you’re ok. Send us an email love

  4. Kafai says:

    You spray your handbag!!!!!!!!!

    Those things have a way of making their way into your handbag.

  5. kenyanreality says:

    This was funny.

    What if on top of everything they flew? 🙂

  6. farmgal says:

    The tought of one flying makes me shudder to the power of a thousand

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