My identity in Christ

Went to Nairobi Light House church yesterday. Pastor Nelson asked some very valid questions.

Do you have an identity in Christ?
What’s your Identity in Christ?

It got me thinking……..

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3 Responses to My identity in Christ

  1. 3N says:

    i have to think about this one too, I do know thought that I have an identity in God.

  2. 3TOC says:

    FG , this post in unfinished. I need examples of answers I can copy:)Now I am thinking.

    Let me try this…Like are you Christlike -Christian.
    Like when one’s a thief you’re identified as that thief. If you worship, you’re that worshipper.. make any sense love?

  3. mwasjd says:

    Some thoughts:
    – Christ’s identity: caring personality who knew the right thing and let it be known
    – Your identity in Him: mapping your character like him i.e. ask the WWJD question in every situation encountered and act accordingly

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