Marriage, HIV and Cheating.

According to a relationship expert. 98% of people in relationships (men and women) have cheated or are cheating.

More married people are HIV positive than singles.

And according to Rants and Raves of a Kenyan gay guy. Between him and his friends, they know at least 30 married men who are sleeping with gay guys. Making them married gay men!

Going by the above ‘fact’s seems like marriages/relationships are under attack or doomed all together!

The other ‘small’ fact is that 2% of those who haven’t cheated lack opportunity! What?????

Basically we’re supposed to accept the fact that cheating is inbuilt and that’s just the way we’re wired. Heavens, what will happen to those of us who believe in the one man/woman policy 🙂 or thing. We probably need to keep off relationships – or what’s the other alternative?

One question I’d like answers to is

If you knew or suspected you partner is cheating, would you one, leave. Two, ask them to use a condom or what?

I believe it’s easier for men to grab a condom, slip it on, carry on and do the did if they suspect their partners of cheating.. No questions asked? And if one did get asked why they were using a condom then then can easily shrag that off and say ‘just’

On the other hand, if a woman suspects their partner of playing an away game. They can just ask the dude to start using a condom! Imagine this, “honey from today if you want some we’re using a condom dear” *Slap* By saying that, it’s saying that I know you’re cheating. How many people who are cheating actually take those kind of accusations kindly? I heard of the woman in Nakuru who was beaten senseless by the hubby for suggesting they use a condom. Why is it difficult for women to be in the driver’s seat when all matters condoms are in play, especially for those who are married or in long term relationships?

If you were or are in a relationship, what would you do? Would you bury your head in the sand and let the person you love infect you with some strange disease? Would you leave? (easier said than done by the way) And if you have kids and property together would you leave or make him/her to use a condom?

Men are known to believe that their clandes are faithful. Newsflash darlings…women who are sleeping with a married man are in it for the financial aspect. AAAAAAAAAAnd they have one married man for every need in case you can’t fulfill them all. The have one for the RENT, one for CAR maintenance, one for shopping, one for school fees in case it’s a single mum/dad one to appear with in public etc. If you’re able to cover all her financial needs,then there’s one for love! That’s a fact you should all know!

So when you’re sleeping with a clande, you’re not just sleeping with her but with at least five other guys who are sleeping with ten other chics, who are sleeping with 20 other men etc etc…am sure you get my drift.

How do you know if you partner’s cheating on you?
1. Sudden change in behavior.. change in routine etc
2.The “am working late” lie
3. Showering to go watch a match with pals and wearing cologne
4. Buying new clothes and especially underwear.

etc etc am sure there many more. Care to share.

This guy said he caught out his chic by diverting all her calls to his phone…

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10 Responses to Marriage, HIV and Cheating.

  1. Urbane' says:

    I am really scared!

  2. 3N says:

    i don’t believe the 98%, it has to be lower…maybe 50 or 60%.

    I don’t think you can be certain that your partner has cheated or is cheating because what you don’t know you truly don’t know. It is only trust that keep you going and if that’s broken then the relationship will soon crumble.

  3. Eef Dee Eye says:

    Hey why am I suddenly scared!
    98% are cheating and part of remaining 2% may be waiting for the opportunity to arise!
    Maybe we should all remain single to stay safe.

  4. Half n Half says:

    I actually disagree with you about this part:
    “women who are sleeping with a married man are in it for the financial aspect.”

    not necessarily, I do know of chicks who are exclusive with one married man. Infact, what I know for a fact is that a married man who is being unfaithful is more often than not being unfaithful with a number of chicks.

    While I agree that cheating is rampant and dangerous and bad and selfish, Iam with 3N in thinking this is a tad exaggerated. I remember one time we were arguing about the source of these statistics, in whose interest are they? who carries out this studies and where are they carried out and most importantly who stands to benefit from this statistics. In my ENTIRE life, I have never participated in any of this studies and I do not know anyone who had. How many do you know?

    Secondly, Why is this an issue in Kenya/Africa? are we then saying that there is no cheating in the western world or the women are able to tell their husbands to use a condom? The issue is that statistics from western countries are not exaggerated because the Gov is already taking care of people, but here, NGOs need to raise money all the time so they need to make the situation look dire! Seriously have you ever seen the images of Africans “suffering” that are used in the western media?

    Ok clearly I need to go dust my blog and do my own posts there! sorry

    Ps… Iam not sure I would automatically leave if my partner were unfaithful. But if he was consistently unfaithful then I would leave!

  5. RUTH says:

    Hi,you have had me running scared,wacha tu,

  6. Mike says:

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  7. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Its a scary world out there on cheating spouses. I have seen married dudes cheat. I have also seen beautiful beautiful married women cheating, making offers!

    Its easy to say you will leave once you catch your spouse but when you get there, you realize its different game. This woman caught her husband with one tramp of a woman. They separated for about 6 weeks and got back together. I dont know what it is but it hard to leave.

  8. Now….those statistics are out of this world..they are not true

    Is HIV a killer disease? really? wat of diabetes? or high blood sugar? or kidney failure?

    are these HIV related?

    i know people who live positively with HIV and they’ve lived for ages…….we need to be clear…wat is it that bothers us HIV or immorality?

    if you remain alone, what happens if one day….GOD FORBID…you are gang raped like a friend of mine??

    please dont live in fear. live your life in full…..when you fall, dust you yourself and rise up again for another day awaits

  9. Tamaku says:

    These stats are just the tip of the iceberg. The married gay man is very real, moving from wife to gay lover to mistress to wife.

  10. smeaj says:

    Let me confess that I was not Carey Francis when it comes to mathematics. I hated the subject with passion. There is one thing that I understand though, that statistics are like the bikini swimsuit, what they reveal is important but what the statics hide is vital. The figures elsewhere on this site give an insight as to the world we are living in at the moment. These same ‘married’ men and women were the very ones who had a string of men/mistresses while at the universities and institutions of higher learning; they are already used to multiple partners! When you marry such a person do you expect them to change overnight? Not in a million years. They either go for other people solely for money or pleasure which otherwise will not be provided by the spouse for varying reasons depending on the material couple. Mathematics aside, let’s all agree that men and women will always misbehave given the chance, either by design or by chance.
    There is one statement that is provided above which I choose to differ with, man was not created promiscuous. People just pick bad habits, live the habits and ‘legalize’ them and to them it looks ‘normal’. As much as we do not have sex under prescription for that matter, sex exploration knows no bounds and men and women of our generation have gone too far this time around. They have dragged along children, animals, inanimate objects, women with fellow women, men with fellow men, boys on grannies, grandpas on young girls, name it and even across the divides mentioned above. They are coming up with more of this stupidity, experts in being perverts . Bend-overs are mild considering where they are heading. Swimming pool sex and night wild parties are the norm; we are a cursed generation. More folly is on the drawing board as we speak.
    For those who have upheld the faith with their partners, let them be steadfast. The passing storm will wipe everything in its path. Their lust will lead them to an early grave. As for satisfaction let them know that all physiological satisfactions are temporary. They will always come and go, yes, that is a fact of life, but need they make us derail our homes, marriages just because of a temporary urge? I have a reason to think not. There is a school of thought that says if sex is not in your head it is nowhere else. Can we think outside the box and have a second look at sex from a different angle, other than an urge for the ‘animal’ in us? Who is leading who here, or rather what is leading who? Or who is leading what? Let us chart our life with caution and wisdom, it is a treacherous world out there.

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